I Keep Getting Excited About Guys Who Turn Out To Be Lame

I always end up feeling humiliated when things don’t work out with a guy, especially when I got genuinely excited about where things were going. I want to remain optimistic and enthusiastic about love, but when it always ends in disappointment, why bother? I just want a guy who’s worth getting excited about — is that so much to ask?

  1. I feel like I’m constantly being fooled. It sucks when I think that things are going in the right direction with a guy and I think this one might finally lead to actual, lasting love… only to be shut down and dismissed again after putting my best foot forward. It feels like guys these days just know every right thing to say to me to make me feel secure and at ease. I don’t know what’s real anymore.
  2. I don’t know how much more trust I can give. I try to give every new guy a clean slate and to trust that he’s a decent human being who won’t blindside me with his BS, but I’m never really surprised anymore when he turns out to be just another loser I regret. Whether he’s been dating other women the entire time or keeping his Tinder options open, it’s seriously making me question whether any guy deserves my trust right off the bat.
  3. It shouldn’t be this hard to find someone genuine. I’m baffled by how insane this process has been. It seems like my life is a constant revolving door of devastasting disappointment and hopeless excitement that doesn’t lead anywhere real. How is it so hard to meet a guy who actually means what he says? I’m going insane.
  4. The conversations with my friends are becoming painful. When things are going well with a guy and I tell my friends about the great new connection in my life, only to be later proved wrong by another player in disguise, it takes a lot out of me. There’s always an, “I thought it was going so well” thrown at me, to which I have to hang my heart up and say stuff like “Yeah, it was… until it wasn’t.” I can’t stand it anymore.
  5. It’s a confusing process to go through regularly. I’m so chronically confused every time I meet a new guy. I feel like a Taylor Swift song — how will this one end? I get excited, I feel hopeful and I keep a positive mind about things but it seems like every time I start to let myself feel an ounce of happiness, it’s ripped from me like some sad plot twist. Is someone secretly filming my life? Am I being Punk’d? Seriously!
  6. I’m trying my best to stay positive. I’m doing the very best that I can, but staying positive and hopeful about guys, dating and finding love when I keep getting screwed over repeatedly SERIOUSLY sucks. It’s draining. I’m exhausted. Where the hell is he?
  7. I’m not damaged, I’m just disappointed. People might say that I’m too far gone or that I’m too damaged and that it shows when I meet new guys. They know I’m guarded. They know I have pain in my past, but the truth is, I’m not that damaged at all. Yes, I’ve been hurt and I’m sick of getting excited about guys who don’t end up being worth it, but I’m not a lost cause. I’m simply disappointed with how challenging this has been — I’m entitled to how I feel.
  8. I’m not asking for too much. I really don’t feel like I’m asking for too much here. Is it so bad that I simply want a guy who I can get excited about and actually have good reasons to remain excited? I think not. I know I deserve to have love in my life and I’d just like to finally meet the guy I can truly let myself fall for who will fall for me right back. I want a mutual excitement.
  9. One day it’ll be worth it… right? I convince myself daily that no matter how crappy I might be feeling about yet another disappointing dating experience, all it’s going to take is that one time that I finally get it right to make me look back at this time in my life and say to myself, “Oh, that’s why this all happened to me.” Holding out hope for that day is what allows me to keep going despite the BS.
  10. I’m so exhausted with the process. This process has been so infuriating at times that it’s amazing anyone survives it long enough to find a life-long partner. It’s remarkable that I’m not yet at the point of throwing in the towel completely. It’s because somewhere deep inside of me, I feel like I do deserve love. I do deserve that guy who is going to be my best friend and partner and who will love me forever. I might be tired AF but I’m not done yet. I just want the guy who’s finally worth getting excited about.