Ladies, Here Are 10 Things Us Guys Lose Our Minds For (And It’s Not Your Looks)

It’s easy to assume that the reason you’re single is because you’re not hot enough, your boobs are too small or you’re not thin enough. Frankly, that’s all BS. Sure, we men do love boobs, but honestly, it’s more of a binary relationship – we’re happy with anything. It might seem like hot girls have dudes fawning over them to no end, but the reality is that there are things we care about way more than how you look. In fact, these things will have guys falling over you way more — trust me:

  1. You like to try new things. Being open about trying new things is sure to draw every eye in the room. Relationships are a lot more fun when your partner is keen to dabble outside their comfort zone and guys worth knowing will be happy to date women with some balls.
  2. You’re a ‘glass half full’ type of girl. Be positive when you’re aforementioned new experiences turn out to be kinda crappy. It’s bound to happen now and then, but really, how bad is it? Second, don’t talk smack about others. Focusing on the positive drives much more stimulating conversation and we’ll be way more into that than a girl who lives to gossip.
  3. You’re honest. This isn’t just about telling the truth – the right guy will expect you to be honest with yourself as well. Relationships are a lot easier with honesty is the keystone and when you’re both clear about what you want. So be honest and communicate with us! We’ll appreciate not having to try to read your mind (which we’re not very good at anyway).
  4. You’ve got oodles of confidence. Loads, in fact — confidence in spades. You know what you like and what you want and you’re secure in the fact that you deserve it so you actually demand it. You’re sexy as hell and you know it. That’s the sort of confidence we gravitate towards.
  5. You’re excited and passionate about life. Being ‘too cool’ actually just makes you look dumb and a little try-hard. Get excited about stuff! Be passionate about what you like! If you love staying home and baking cookies, then own that crap. Excitement is contagious so if you’re into something, you can usually get other people on board. We don’t necessarily care what you’re into, we’ll just love that you’re into SOMETHING.
  6. You’re good at life. You don’t just have the kind of practical competence to change a tire or build some Ikea furniture (although that’s nice), but you also just have your overall act together. You know where your career is going and you have a plan to get there. You’re financially responsible (as boring as that sounds) and you’re generally healthy-ish and look after yourself. You know how it’s a lot more fun to date a guy who seems a bit more put together? Well, it cuts both ways.
  7. You can/do have guy friends. It’s nice that you can banter and joke around with other dudes without getting uncomfortable, even if you’re dating someone. First, it means that you’ll probably gel well with your boyfriend’s friends. Second, it means that you’ve got a more diverse and interesting friend group, which is more fun for us to hang out with. Finally, it signals to us guys that you’re fun and engaging. After all, a relationship is about 20% romance, 80% hanging out, so most of us are looking for someone who can have a laugh with and talk to as well as date.
  8. Engage with the world around you. You don’t need to go overboard with your extroversion, just to be ready and willing to explore what the world throws at you. This is a combination of carpe diem and reading the newspaper. If you see something bizarre, be open to checking it out. Learn about the world around you. Know what’s going on so you can have an opinion about it and discuss. Being interesting is the best way to attract decent people, both guys and girls.
  9. You want to learn new stuff. Many guys love to teach and explain, sometimes to an annoying degree (we know and we’re working on it). Something that we love is a willingness to learn from us sometimes and in general always. This way, you get to learn new stuff (like how to cook a salmon so the skin goes all crispy) and the guy  you’re dating gets to show off his knowledge (which will have him throbbing in moments). We’re usually open to upping our game too, so if you have a unique skill to share, we’ll soak it up like a sponge.
  10. You’re a good cook. Doesn’t have to be a masterclass, but if you can crank out a good couple of meals, we’re sold because we love food. It’s that simple. (Don’t worry — the good ones among us will be more than happy to return the favor; we’ve got skills too, you know!)
Spencer is a freelance writer who loves writing articles that are fun to read and easy to understand. When he's not writing, he's usually listening to podcasts and traveling the world searching for the elusive perfect croissant.