Being The Last Single Girl In Your Squad Is Going To Make You An Amazing Girlfriend

Being The Last Single Girl In Your Squad Is Going To Make You An Amazing Girlfriend ©iStock/warrengoldswain

When you’re the last single girl in your crew, it might feel like you’re way behind in love — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe it or not, being the last one to couple up is going to make you an amazing girlfriend when the right guy finally makes his way into your life. Here’s why:

  1. You know what it means to put real work into relationships. In the absence of love, you’ve focused on growing and strengthening the existing relationships in your life. Your friendships are closer than they’ve ever been and your family bonds are tight. You go through ups and downs with your circle like anyone else and you put the time and energy into repairing whatever needs to be mended, which is going to translate amazingly well into any relationship you get into.
  2. You’ve witnessed the tough stuff and know how to solve problems. You’re no stranger to relationship struggles because you’ve witnessed plenty in your girlfriends’ relationships. Being the silent observer and making mental notes to yourself of what to expect and how to solve dilemmas effectively is going to bode well with any guy you have a relationship with. You know what to and not to do.
  3. You’ve learned to be on your own even among couples and not feel bitter. When you can walk into any room or event and feel completely okay with not having anyone on your arm, it’s a powerful feeling. You’re completely okay with being on your own, which means you’re not going to be needy and feel insignificant when your partner can’t always be by your side. Independence and confidence aren’t just sexy — it shows strength.
  4. You know exactly who you are. You’ve spent enough time on your own to get to know yourself inside out, 100%. Knowing yourself on a deep level means that when you finally do settle down, you’re less at risk of losing your sense of self because that’s exactly what keeps you grounded — you won’t part with yourself for any relationship.
  5. Celebrating your friends’ relationship milestones gets you excited for your own. You’re always celebrating chapters of love with the people you care about, from engagements to weddings and babies and everything in between. You might not be there yet yourself, but seeing lives unfold and come together gets you excited for the milestones that still lie ahead for you. When it actually happens, you’ll appreciate them that much more.
  6. Your conversation skills don’t revolve around relationships. You’re not into the “we” talk because you’re still just a “you” and you don’t need to define yourself, your life accomplishments or anything else in your life by referencing someone else. One day you might be part of the we talk, but you’ll always have plenty of other things to talk about in your life that don’t revolve around your boyfriend.
  7. You’ve explored different interests in the absence of love. Being that last single girl means that while everyone around you is enjoying the perks of relationships, you’re still enjoying the perks of living life for one. Lets face it — a lot of your friends are constantly doing couple-y things and while they’re enjoying their relationships, you’re filling your spare time with hobbies and interests that satisfy and grow you personally. You don’t need love to enjoy life and when you finally do get into a relationship again, you’re going to have a long list of amazing things you can invite your partner to experience with you.
  8. You know how to pick and choose your battles wisely. You’re no stranger to watching blowouts among relationships for trivial matters. Quite frankly, you just don’t know how some people can get so unhinged at something so small when overall, the relationship they have is amazing. You’ve learned by observation what fights are and aren’t worth the effort.
  9. You’ve witnessed so much love that you won’t take it for granted when you have it. You know what love is and you’re completely ready for it. Even if you don’t have it right now, you know how valuable it is to have a good and trusting partner by your side to brave life with. Being the last single girl gives you a bit of a complex at times, but the positive side of things is that you know you want love and when you finally do get it, you’ll truly cherish it and the person you share it with.
  10. You know exactly what you want from taking your time to find it. You should never feel bad for being the last single girl in your squad. Instead, you should see it as a huge blessing in disguise. It might feel awkward at times to be that only one without a relationship in your life, but you’re waiting for someone truly worthy. Because of the happy examples of love your friends have set for you, you’re not willing to settle on anything less than than amazing. The great thing is, it’s out there and you’ll find it.