Lea Michele Slammed For ‘Disrespectful’ Treatment Of Sadie Sink On The Tonight Show

Lea Michele Slammed For ‘Disrespectful’ Treatment Of Sadie Sink On The Tonight Show NBC

Lea Michele has always been known as a diva at best and a total nightmare at worst. That’s why it’s no surprise when new reports surface of her being less than pleasant to people, whether it be fans or her fellow actors. However, people were incredibly unimpressed with the way Lea Michele “disrespected” Sadie Sink during a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

Michele and Sink were on hand to play a game of charades with host Jimmy Fallon. However, before the game even got started, viewers noticed Michele was back to old tricks as soon as she entered the stage.

“Stranger Things” star Sadie Sink had already been introduced by the time Lea Michele came on stage. She was standing next to rapper Tariq Trotter, who was next to Fallon himself. When Michele came out, she touched Sink’s arm in greeting before reaching across her to shake Fallon’s hand.

That was a bit rude, but nothing unforgivable. However, Michele then stepped forward and stood directly in front of Sink to shake Trotter’s hand. This blocked Sink’s view and ultimately forced her to move over so that Michele could force herself between Sink and Trotter. Given that Fallon starts the game by calling Sink to his side, there’s no way Michele should have been standing in the middle of the group.

Fans were unimpressed with the way Lea Michele treated Sadie Sink

Fans immediately flocked to social media to call Michele out for another round of diva behavior. They also praised sink for handling the situation with humility and grace.

“I watched this live and it was sooo cringe, disrespectful, and it’s actually an extremely immature move,” one person wrote. “Dang Lea knows where the camera is at all times,” another added.

Lea Michele has been previously accused of bullying behavior, so her treatment of Sadie Sink isn’t very surprising. Responding to the accusations against her, Michele told The New York Times: “I have an edge to me. I work really hard. I leave no room for mistakes. That level of perfectionism, or that pressure of perfectionism, left me with a lot of blind spots.”

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