Criminal On The Run From Police Comments On His Own Wanted Post To Defend His Blue Hair

Criminal On The Run From Police Comments On His Own Wanted Post To Defend His Blue Hair Warwickshire Police

A British man who was being hunted by police for an assault was bold enough to comment on his own wanted post to defend his blue hair. Warwickshire Police posted a photo of 37-year-old Darren Whitmore from Nuneaton on their Facebook page on January 6, prompting the public to come forward with any information they might have about the man’s whereabouts. However, most of the comments came from trolls who made fun of his hair, and Darren couldn’t sit back and let that happen.

  1. Whitmore was wanted for assault. As Warwickshire Police explained in the post, “We would like to speak to him in connection with an assault in December. Darren is white, 6ft, and of a slim build. He has bright blue hair and a large tattoo of a panther on his left arm. He has links to Nuneaton and Bedworth.”
  2. Commenters couldn’t help but poke fun at him. One commenter likened Whitmore to “a Poundland Smurf,” which prompted the man himself to come forward in his own defense. Whitmore responded: “Dunno what you look like from your Facebook profile. What you hiding away?” In total, the post got more than 100 comments, many of which were lucky enough to receive a response from Whitmore. “Was the assault to his barber by any chance?” one jokester wrote. Another person prompted everyone to search for Whitmore on Facebook if they wanted a laugh, to which the man himself responded: “Search my name it’s not hard like and check the top fans out. Warwickshire’s finest ain’t ya girls.”
  3. He even got into an argument with the alleged victim’s sister. Many people were shocked that Whitmore could be so brazen as to come on his own wanted post and start arguing with people in full view of the police, who could likely track his location from his IP address. Others weren’t so surprised that a criminal would do such a thing, with one person writing, “He’s turned up on his own police appeal and started giving it loads to people.”
  4. The post has since been deleted. It’s unclear whether the police department deleted the post to stop further comments or because they managed to track Whitmore down and possibly arrest him. Either way, there’s no sign of him anymore, nor of his cheeky comments!
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