10 Signs The Universe Is Trying To Set You Up With “The One”

When you continuously date people who are all wrong for you and don’t want the same things as you, it’s normal to become frustrated. You’re looking for the love of your life, so where are they? You might want to give up on the idea of love or settle down with the next person who seems nice enough just so you don’t end up alone. You may not know it, but the universe is actively working to set you up with “The One” every day, and if you notice these signs, they might be just around the corner.

  1. You’ve found peace with being by yourself. If you’re finally at that point where you’ve come to terms with the woman you have become, that’s a strong indicator that you’re now the kind of person who is ready to draw “The One” to you. You love yourself fully and completely, you’re fine with being single rather than wasting time with people you have no future with, and you refuse to let anyone take what you have to offer for granted. It’s a good place to be in.
  2. You keep crossing paths with the same person. You might want to pay attention to that person that you keep running into, connecting with, or the one your friends and relatives keep trying to set you up with. That might be the universe telling you what direction to move towards in order to find the love you’ve been waiting all your life for. It doesn’t have to be a new person, it could be someone from the past that is now resurfacing over and over. You just have to pay attention.
  3. You notice a lot of random coincidences.  Those little things that keep happening that you usually write off as random occurrences are actually a sign. The universe is trying to tell you it’s preparing a sweet package for you. It could be small things like seeing more happy couples than you normally notice or hearing stories of people you know finding love. These incidences might unfold over the course of a day or weeks, but they’re there and they mean something.
  4. Most of your dreams are about the same person. You probably think dreams are a fluke and never mean anything, but repeatedly seeing a particular person in your dreams is a sign that your subconscious is trying to get you to notice them. You may not realize it right away and that’s OK. Just keep looking out for little details like that because it’s an encoded message that may mean “The One” is right around the corner.
  5. You’re done wasting time with the wrong ones. The right person for you is not going to materialize while you’re still busy chasing after the wrong people. When you’re ready to put that all aside in favor of something real, something will shift inside of you. You will no longer accept the shitty love and partners you have put up with in the past. The universe will notice this because it means you’re ready to open up yourself to the right kind of energy.
  6. Your gut tells you all your past relationships weren’t meant to be. You’re no longer the naive woman you used to be. You can clearly see the ways that your exes weren’t right for you and how much you’ve grown since you were in those relationships. The reason you didn’t end up with those people is that the universe is saving you for “The One.” Once you realize that your exes were serving as practice for the right person, it won’t be long before that person shows up.
  7. Certain love songs keep playing wherever you go. Songs carry a lot of meaning, so when you keep hearing particular love songs playing from stereos and speakers wherever you go, this might be a sure sign the universe is trying to make love happen for you. Allow yourself to enter into that realm of possibilities and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you will find.
  8. You’re finally certain about what you’re looking for. When you’re finally sure of what you want in a partner, that’s a sign that you’re ready for something really serious that’s headed in the right direction. Don’t despair — visualizing the partner you want will signal to the universe that it’s time for them to materialize.
  9. You no longer doubt that you will meet your person. If you’re no longer desperately seeking out “The One” and just trust that the universe is doing its thing in bringing them closer to you, it’s because that’s what is actually happening. If you want love, you will find it as long as you’re ready. The universe is rooting for you.
  10. You know that if you were single forever, you’d be just fine. While you’re sure you’re going to meet someone eventually, you also know that if it didn’t happen, you’d be just fine. That sense of real, deep-seated peace is new, welcome, and definitely a sign that “The One” is totally on their way.
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