I Love Being Single But It Would Suck To Be Single Forever

The fact that I’m happy alone does not mean I want to stay that way forever. I’m actually quite the hopeless romantic—I’ve just learned to be happy by myself so that I don’t end up settling all the time. I’m surviving, but I still hope for a great love story.

Single is perfectly okay… but not forever.

I enjoy my single status now because I know I’ll miss aspects of it when—or if—I get into a serious relationship. Sometimes, though, I’m afraid it might drag on forever. I’m afraid of losing my independence but I know that the right person will respect my space.

I’m not getting any younger and my prospects are getting dimmer.

I never realized that I’d be single in my early thirties and that all my viable options would be taken. I’ve tried to date some of the single guys my age and it never goes well. I’ll never judge—after all, I’m in the same boat—but I haven’t found any gems so far.

I actually like doing things alone but not all the time.

I’m independent. I do a lot by myself. At the same time, I know that if I had a companion I really enjoyed with whom I could truly be myself, I would be fine sharing my space with him. I just haven’t found that guy who gets me and enjoys the same activities.

Having an adventure partner would be fun if it was the right person.

Generally I explore solo, but it would be great to have someone to talk to sometimes when I’m out in the middle of nowhere. It can get weird and lonely. I get too into my head and wrap myself up in convoluted thinking. It’s not always a good thing to be alone.

I’m grateful not to have a ticking clock, but that doesn’t mean I want to wait forever.

I don’t want kids and I know that this makes my dating dilemma inconsequential next to that of women who do. They have a specific window in which they need to find the right partner or make it happen on their own. I don’t envy that. Still, I’d rather not be decrepit when I find love.

I understand that I’m not guaranteed love and it’s scary.

I know that not everyone finds their great love story, no matter how much I might hope and dream for mine. I’m sort of terrified that I’ll never have that partner who I feel bonded with for life, the person who always has my back because I have his too.

I get so excited about new prospects but I’m always wrong. 

I try to remain optimistic despite past disappointments, but it’s tough when every guy turns out to be a nightmare. I don’t know what’s happening—it never used to be this bad. I don’t know if it’s because the pool has shrunk, but it’s quite disheartening.

It seems like I’m better off giving up than going on another emotional roller coaster.

Dating honestly always seems to ruin everything. I’ll be going along, doing well, pretty happy mostly. I’d like to find my person, but I’m okay. Then I meet someone and give him a chance and it creates drama in my life. I wish I could just know it’s right from the start.

Sometimes I worry that I’m so good at being single that men assume I’m fine alone.

I mean, they aren’t wrong—I am fine alone!—but that doesn’t mean I want to be. I can be independent and strong and still want an amazing partner to walk by my side. I don’t want men to pass on me because of a misconception.

I may be sassy but underneath that, I’m also a huge softie.

I definitely have a sense of humor and I’m a sarcastic, silly human. That’s my personality. It has nothing to do with how I feel about love. I’m a sucker for romance and I want a man who truly wants me. I’m holding out until that happens, but I’m worried it never will.

Most of the time I’m fine solo… until I’m just not.

I go through emotional phases, just like any human. I’m fine on my own for a long while and feel no need to complicate my life with companionship. Then something happens and suddenly I bemoan the fact that I’m without romantic love. I’d feel better if I knew for sure that I’d have it someday.

It throws me off my game every time I meet a guy I think I could date.

I’m productive, focused and driven when I’m alone. I like simplicity and no boyfriend means less to juggle. Then someone happens to come along and throw everything out of whack—and usually it goes horribly wrong anyway. It’s a waste of my time to pursue these dead-end hopes.

I’ve always had a tough time balancing life and I worry that will keep me from finding love.

It’s difficult to fit everything into my schedule. When I’m dating someone, that causes me more stress than anything most of the time. I can’t figure out how to balance a guy, my friends, my goals, my fitness … and so on and so forth. I’m worried that I’ll never feel like I have adequate time to devote to a partner.

At some point, I guess I should try harder, but it never works out for me.

I keep telling myself that I have to work to really find a good man. Then I do try to get out there and end up hurt, disappointed or confused. Dating these days is infinitely harder because I have no idea what anyone wants—though most of the time it’s casual sex. That sucks. I need a genuinely good man who wants to love me… but might not get him.

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