These Are The Luckiest Zodiac Signs Of 2023

Finally, a new year — and possibly a new you. While this time of year symbolizes the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another, it’s hard to know what the year ahead has in store for you. If you’re someone who believes in astrology, you may look to your horoscope for some guidance or clues as to how you’ll fare. While nothing is set in stone, we spoke to several astrologists to discover which zodiac signs will be lucky in 2023 and which might struggle a bit.

Which zodiac signs will be lucky in 2023?

While 2022 was a challenging year for many people, it seems that 2023 is looking up for pretty much everyone. While life will always have its fair share of challenges, the general forecast is looking up. However, these zodiac signs will be particularly lucky in 2023, thanks to the planet Jupiter’s presence in the 11th house.


Astrologer Carol Starr tells Bolde that Sagittarius is known as the luckiest zodiac sign in general, and that will certainly be true for 2023. She suggests it may be a good year to “remodel, redecorate, move in with someone, or sell your house.” If you’ve been considering switching up your living situation, go for it!

Astrologer Karen Comen from concurs, adding: “Sagittarius will likely light 2023 on fire, which is kind of ironic given their element. People born under this zodiac sign will experience an influx in their earnings, even more than usual. According to the placement of the planets, this year might be an opportunity for Sags to finally settle down and get married. The otherwise hot and cold archer will find the will to resolve conflict with loved ones and experience personal growth on a soulful level. When there is a natural inclination to pursue happiness, everything eventually falls into place.”


When it comes to love, Libra is shaping up to be one of the luckiest zodiac signs of 2023, Starr says. Whether it’s meeting someone new if you’re single or simply progressing in an already happy relationship, there’s a lot to look forward to in the romance department for this sign. This is good news, especially for those who worried if they’d spend the year alone or panicked that their current partnership might be too good to be true.

Astrologer Maria Hayes adds that Libras won’t just do well in love but in pretty much every area of life. “Venus plays a big part in the love and abundance of this air sign come 2023 in basically all aspects of your life. You will have major breakthroughs and career opportunities that you should not take for granted,” she says.



Good news, Aries! In 2023, you’ll experience incredible growth and opportunities in every area of life: relationships, career, and pretty much anything else you decide to take on. You might even experience an increase in cash flow and meet new friends to add to your social group. You’re doing so well, other signs could use a little of your mojo!

“In 2023 the planet of luck and blessings, Jupiter, will be rapidly moving through the sign of Aries, bringing opportunities, optimism and a brighter outlook that will help them to navigate the new year,” explains astrologer Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology. “Aries Sun, Moon and
Rising Sign individuals should take advantage of these early year blessings because as the North Node of the Moon moves into Aries in July
and eclipses begin to fall in that sign, there will be some major life changes in store.”


Also high on the list of luckiest zodiac signs for 2023 is Gemini. As they go through the year, it seems as though everything is going their way. Not only will their love lives improve, but their financial circumstances should also see an uptick. This will come as a major relief for the sign, which has had its fair share of adversity recently.

It’s worth noting that according to astrologer Susan Bynes of TotallyTheDream, much of the luck Gemini experiences in 2023 is down to putting all the tough experiences from the past few years into practice. As she explains: “2022 wasn’t a great year for Gemini, but next year is shaping up great. And some of this luck will indirectly come from the tough lessons you learned this year. Expect good luck in the areas of business, finance, and reaching any of your personal goals.”


While the sign’s lucky streak may not come until nearly halfway through the year, the back end of 2023 will prove to be very advantageous for Taurus. It’s important to note that this luck may not come in the most conventional of ways. It will likely present itself through times of great change and upheaval. However, if you embrace this time, you can make incredible progress.

“Taurus will see the most luck in the first couple of months of 2023. So, it’s a great time to ask for a raise at work or take on a new love interest,” Bynes says. “You may not feel particularly lucky, but it should play out anyway. And you’re expected to have the most luck in your romantic life, with education and finance coming in next.”

Is this forecast set in stone?

While it’s easy to become frustrated or nervous if your zodiac sign isn’t one of the luckiest for 2023, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great year. After all, the stars only provide a general level of guidance for what’s happening in our lives. It’s not a rule book and it’s certainly not set in stone.

“With any difficult astrology, it really is all about your attitude. Sometimes you have to work hard; sometimes you have to let go of things, people or situations. By becoming less attached to outcomes and rigid in your thinking, you can soften any aspect or karma,” Loftis explains.  “It is only to the extent that we grip and grasp onto things or situations or people who longer belong in our life or must be revolutionized, that is where suffering arises. It’s not really what happens to us in life; it’s how we respond. And that is the only thing we can truly control.

Additionally, we should reframe what we think about “luck” as a concept. As Loftis adds: “A lot of what we consider to be ‘luck’ just means saying ‘yes’ to experiences and opportunities.” Being wiling to try new things and step out of your comfort zone can change your prospects immensely.

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