How To Get A Guy Want To Be A Husband And Not Just A Boyfriend

Have you been dating your boyfriend for a while? Are you hoping that you’ll soon take the next step and make things official by tying the knot? It’s a lovely thought, but it won’t go anywhere if he doesn’t want the same thing. Here’s how to get a guy to want to be a husband and not just a boyfriend.

  1. Communicate healthily. Relationships simply can’t function without communication. Instead of giving the guy in your life the silent treatment or acting like you expect him to read your mind, communicate directly with him. Have a problem? Talk about it. Upset over something he’s done? Discuss it. Want a certain present from him? Let him know. When he sees how well you communicate, he’ll see a healthier future for your relationship.
  2. Trust him. It’s easy to get caught up in jealousy and distrust, especially in the age of social media and quick communication. But if you know that your boyfriend loves you, it’s time to put the green-eyed monster aside. Don’t look through his phone without his permission. Don’t sneak around and violate his trust. Show him that you trust and respect him and he’ll love you more for it. If he’s really someone who can’t be trusted, he’ll reveal himself in time.
  3. Take responsibility for your mistakes. You’re going to make mistakes in your relationship, just like he will. When you mess up, take responsibility. Apologize, acknowledge your wrongs, and tell him how you’ll improve moving forward. Being able to shoulder responsibility for what you’ve done is an attractive quality, and it tells the guy in your life that you’ll never blame him for something he’s not at fault for.
  4. Appreciate him. It’s easy to appreciate big gestures and expensive gifts, but you should appreciate minor things too! Appreciate the times he buys a snack for you. Appreciate his personality and talents. Appreciate the way he treats you. He’ll feel that appreciation and will want to be around you in the long-run!
  5. Keep intimacy exciting. In a lot of long-term relationships, intimacy begins to die and things get less passionate as time goes on. Don’t let that happen to your relationship! Dress up every now and then to show off. Go out on fun and exciting dates. Keep the spark alive in the bedroom. Perform romantic gestures often. These things will help keep the spice in your relationship alive, and he’ll know that being married to you will never be boring.
  6. Learn to disagree positively. Any relationship involves two unique and separate people. You and the guy in your life are going to disagree sometimes, and that’s totally fine, as long as you do so positively. Show the man in your life that you respect his individuality by happily agreeing to disagree when necessary. He’ll love that he has the freedom to be his own person, and though it’s technically bare minimum, it’s a rare trait that makes you marriage material!
  7. Be supportive of him. A supportive partner is one who you know will be there with you through thick and thin. When you support your man and his dreams, he’ll know that you’re a ride-or-die kind of person and will want to marry you!
  8. Have your own life. Independence isn’t just attractive, it’s also the bare minimum in a healthy adult relationship. Marriage is about two whole people coming together – not about being two halves of a whole. You need to have your own life. There are many ways you can do this, whether it’s by having your own career, your own circle of friends, your own hobbies, or your own personal activities to keep you occupied.
  9. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you could be setting yourself up for a dangerously codependent relationship where your happiness is reliant solely on your partner. Most men are able to sense this and will usually know it’s a big red flag. It’s just too much unfair pressure for any person to shoulder! Loving yourself will allow you to shine and show your best side to the guy in your life. He’ll know that you’re secure and powerful and that’ll make him see that you’re an amazing person to marry!
  10. Be positive. Marriage is a huge milestone in a relationship. It makes sense that a guy will want to be 100% certain that you’re right for him before committing in such a serious way. Showing him that you’re a wonderful person who puts their best foot forward in a relationship will help him make that decision sooner!
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