If Your Boyfriend Won’t Do These 11 Things, You’re Basically Single

What’s the point of being in a relationship if things aren’t going to progress? Your boyfriend may not be stringing you along, per se, but it’s possible that his lack of effort is a sign that your relationship will never be a happy and healthy one. If he refuses to do any of these 11 things, you should probably consider yourself single and make it official by ending things.

  1. Make the proper introductions If you’ve been dating for a few months and he still hasn’t introduced you to his family and friends, you’re single! A guy who’s serious about his relationship would never hesitate when it comes to making the proper introductions. If he tells you all about his loved ones but never makes an effort to allow you to meet them face to face, he’s clearly not ready to be in a relationship.
  2. Listen to your problems A caring boyfriend should be there for you during the good times and the bad ones. If he suddenly goes ghost when you need to talk about something that’s bothering you or just tunes you out and clearly doesn’t listen, he’s not only a crappy significant other, but he doesn’t deserve to be in your life either.
  3. Help you find solutions Boyfriends love coming to their girlfriends’ aid, so if yours throws up his hands and shrugs his shoulders when you really need his help, he’s not the one for you. He doesn’t have to solve your problems—and frankly, you don’t want him to because you’re perfectly capable of doing so yourself—but he should at least care about them.
  4. Be your plus-one You shouldn’t expect him to be available every time you need a plus-one at a special event, but if he always declines your invitation, don’t sit around and try to wonder why he never wants to be seen with you. Take it as a hint that he’s not willing to do even the little things that are important to you, and for that reason alone, he deserves to get booted from your life.
  5. Open up and let you in If he won’t open up, he’s likely emotionally unavailable, and who really has time for that? A past relationship that ended on a bad note may have crushed his heart, but if he’s not ready and willing to love again then you’re wasting your time.
  6. Show unwavering loyalty Loyalty is super important when it comes to dating and relationships, and you should feel secure in knowing that he’ll always have your best interests at heart. If you hear a rumor that he betrayed your trust, don’t try to get to the bottom of things. Change your relationship status on Facebook to single ASAP!
  7. Figure out what makes you feel good If it’s all about him in the bedroom and you never get your needs met, what’s the point in continuing on with the relationship? He should want to please you by asking you what your preferences are and then doing those things. If he’s a selfish lover and doesn’t care about what knocks your socks off, it’s time to throw in the towel.
  8. Talk about the future You shouldn’t expect him to make wedding plans after just a few months of dating, but a guy who’s in love will want to incorporate you into his future. If you notice that he never mentions you when he talks about what’s to come, he doesn’t see your relationship lasting. Work up the strength to pull the plug and head back out into the dating world to find someone who really wants you to be part of his life for the long run.
  9. Limit his social media creepiness When a guy gets into a relationship, his single guy behavior should be put on ice. Social media is one way a lot of guys like to keep the door open and stay in contact with potential partners in case things in their current relationship don’t pan out. You shouldn’t really get ticked off if he likes some other girl’s selfie, but if he’s constantly leaving flirty comments for other girls, it’s time to put your foot down. He’s still playing the field and you shouldn’t put up with that mess at all.
  10. Be honest If he lies about little things, how can you really trust that he’s going to tell the truth about major issues? It isn’t fair that you have to deal with someone who doesn’t have the guts to be upfront with you. And guess what? There are a ton of eligible bachelors out there who value honesty just as much as you do. Give them a try instead and put your relationship with your lying boyfriend on ice.
  11. Get hands-on Your boyfriend should be someone you can depend on whether you’re stranded on the side of the road or you need someone to help rescue you from a teeny tiny spider that’s lurking in your bedroom. If your boyfriend is unwilling to roll up his sleeves and fix things for you, he’s a dud, and his behavior is a clear sign that you’re officially single.
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