If He Makes You Cry, He Isn’t The Right Guy For You

You shouldn’t spend all of your nights crying over your awful boyfriend. He’s meant to make your life easier, after all. If he’s doing the opposite, then you’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship. The right guy would never make you cry, and here’s why:

Your happiness will be his happiness.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “A happy wife equals a happy life.” That’s because your partner’s emotions will rub off on you if you two are close enough.

He’ll already know that you care.

If you’re dating a douchebag, he’ll initiate fights to watch you get upset, because your intense emotions will prove that you care about him. Of course, the right guy won’t need to make you cry to realize that you love him.

He’ll want the relationship to last.

Some men can be pretty stupid, but they’re all smart enough to know that treating you like crap is an easy way to ruin the relationship. If he wants to be with you forever, then he won’t make you cry on a daily basis.

He’d rather cause happy tears.

If he makes you cry, they should be tears of joy. You should be getting emotional over how happy you are to have a good guy like him, instead of getting emotional over how abusive he is.

He’ll choose his words carefully.

The right guy won’t call you nasty names. He’ll censor himself, even in the heat of the moment, so that he doesn’t end up upsetting you.

He won’t accuse you of anything.

If he’s angry with you, he should sit you down and have a mature conversation with you instead of tossing accusations at you. If you two talk like adults, then there won’t be anything to cry about.

He’ll focus on other emotions. 

Sadness is the last emotion your boyfriend should make you feel. There are so many other options, like happiness and horniness, that he should focus on instead.

He’ll feel guilty for hurting you. 

The right guy wouldn’t get any pleasure out of getting a rise out of you. All he’d feel is guilt, because his mission is to make you as happy as humanly possible.

He’ll know you well. 

If he knows you well, then he’ll know what type of comments upset you the most. That means he’ll know how to talk to you without turning you into a crying mess.

He’ll comfort you.

 Truthfully, even the right guy will make you cry every once in a while. However, whenever that happens, the right guy will do his best to comfort you, because he’d rather see your smile than your frown.

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