Woman Proves We’ve All Been Making Kraft Mac & Cheese Wrong All These Years

Woman Proves We’ve All Been Making Kraft Mac & Cheese Wrong All These Years iStock/bhofack2

I feel like the directions on the box of Kraft macaroni and cheese are pretty simple and straightforward, so much so that I don’t even need to look at them anymore before I make some. Boil your noodles in water, strain them, pop in that beloved fluorescent orange powder, a bit of milk, and a knob of butter, and stir. Voila! However, this is apparently the wrong way to go about things and there’s a much simpler way to get your mac fix.


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  1. TikTok mom Nikki Gillespie has shown us the light. She proposes a whole new way to make your favorite blue box dinner and it’s kinda mindblowing. In fact, when I first watched her now-viral video, I thought, “No way is this going to work.” Spoiler alert: it totally does!
  2. Nikki boils the cheese WITH the water. In the clip, Nikki can be seen adding just enough water to a pan to cover the dry macaroni noodles. From there, she pours in the cheese powder and adds a few knobs of butter and lets the whole thing come to a simmer.
  3. She doesn’t stop there, though! At the very end, after the water has been evaporated and the cheese sauce is looking nice and thick, she adds a bit of heavy cream instead of milk and throws in a handful of shredded cheese for maximum taste.
  4. To be honest, I really want to try it this way. It seems to save dishes and time since you don’t have to drain the pasta and the end result looks really good enough though it’s the exact same product, just made a different way.
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