Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Prove The Movie Taken Was A Lie

Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Prove The Movie Taken Was A Lie 20th Century Fox | TikTok/@joshwellerjoshweller

A man on TikTok has gone to extreme lengths to prove his conspiracy theory that the movie “Taken” is 100% fake and could never actually happen off the big screen. Comedian Josh Weller hates how implausible the movie is, so he set out to show just how impossible the events in the movie are.


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  1. Never seen “Taken”? We can help. First of all, do yourself a favor and go watch it because it’s great. In the meantime, here’s a brief rundown: A man named Bryan’s (Liam Neeson) daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) gets kidnapped while following U2 around Europe (LOL) by a group of sex traffickers (definitely not LOL). Bryan decides to play the tough action hero and threatens the kidnappers to leave his daughter alone or face his wrath. You can imagine how things go from there.
  2. Weller’s “Taken” conspiracy theory hinges on one element of the movie in particular. While kidnappings happen all the time, it’s not that part that Weller has an issue with. Neither does he quibble with the fact that a totally normal dude would take on an international crime gang single-handedly. So, what makes “Taken” so unrealistic? That in 2008, a teenage girl would love U2 at all, let alone enough to follow them around Europe as they toured.
  3. Weller wanted answers. While he tried to call the folks behind the movie to find out what on earth made them think that was a good plot point, he wasn’t getting anywhere. In fact, all of his investigatory skills have yet to yield an answer, so it seems we’ll never know who OK’d such a bizarre (and bizarrely specific) idea for a Hollywood blockbuster.
  4. To be honest, it seems pretty obvious what happened here. Think about it: Who would believe that a teenage girl in 2008 would be a massive U2 stan? Middle-aged white dudes who were behind the movie. There’s no conspiracy theory needed for “Taken.” The people behind it were a bit square and legitimately thought U2 was cool. Ah well, they tried!
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