Man Goes To Court For Farting On Police During Strip Search

Breaking wind is natural and we all have to do it sometimes, but purposely farting on a police officer who’s performing a strip search on you is probably not a great idea. Unfortunately, Stuart Cook will be performing community service for doing just that.

  1. Cook was arrested on cannabis possession. The 28-year-old was arrested when police received reports of an accident at the Lang Stracht in Aberdeen, in Scotland. When they arrived at the scene, they saw Cook standing beside the car talking to the driver. It was then that they smelled weed on him and he was handcuffed while cops searched him and the vehicle, at which point he became “irate.”
  2. Things didn’t get any better when they got him to Kittybrewster police station. As Depute fiscal Alan Townsend told the Evening Express, Cook “screamed expletives” and “puffed out his chest towards officers,” and things continued going downhill when they told him they were going to perform a strip search on him.
  3. Cook “deliberately farted in the direction of the officer” performing the strip search. Not only that, but as depute fiscal Lucy Simpson told the court, Cook farted “three times, stating, ‘how do you like that?'” as he was doing it. Oh boy.
  4. He pleaded guilty to multiple charges but still doesn’t think he’s in the wrong. The Evening Star reveals that Cook admitted to possession of cannabis and “to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and screaming aggressively, displaying aggressive body language, making a lewd remark towards police and ‘intentionally flatulating’ in the direction of police.” Who knew “intentionally flatulating” in the direction of police was a crime?! You learn something new every day. However, his lawyer says that police went overboard in handling him since he’d only smoked a little weed and got in a minor car accident.
  5. Cook will now have to perform 75 hours of community service. In Scotland, they refer to this as “unpaid work,” but it’s basically the same thing. I imagine this is for a combination of the above charges and not just for the farting, but it’s pretty hilarious that blowing the butt trumpet was even listed in the official charges.
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