Man Robbed Of $200,000 Life Savings Seconds After Withdrawing It From Bank

A California man was robbed of his life savings only seconds after withdrawing it from the bank. Francisco Cornejo had retrieved about $200,000 from Chase Bank in Huntington Park when he was ruthlessly attacked by a robber dressed all in black, who snatched the cash and knocked Cornejo over before running away. Police are now searching for the criminal.

The entire robbery was caught on camera. The video shows the criminal running up to Cornejo and snatching the money right out of his hands. Cornejo calls for help as car alarms go off in the background, but no one steps in and the robber gets away with the money. It’s insane!

Cornejo earned the money after selling his house. After selling his house, Cornejo was left with an impressive sum of money. However, he decided to withdraw the sum in cash, only to have it taken from him in seconds. “He was parked as closely as possible to the bank, knowing he was going to withdraw a large amount of cash,” his lawyer Nathan Soleimani said. “As soon as he got to his car, before he was able to get to his car, he was grabbed and beaten. He was literally fighting for his life savings. And when he was being beaten he was doing his best to try and retain the bag that he brought with him.”

An investigation is now underway. Even the FBI has gotten involved in the search for the criminal, as everyone is anxious to get Cornejo’s life savings back to him. It’s unclear why he needed such a huge sum of money in cash, but regardless, that was his and he deserves it back.

At least he survived with his life. The robbery could have turned violent and Cornejo could have been hurt or even killed. “Thank God he’s alive. His family is grateful he got out of it with just the injuries that he has,” Soleimani said. “At the end of the day, they’re thankful for him being here.”

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