This 3-Foot Tall Margarita Light Is A Boozy Patio Decoration Unlike Any Other

I don’t know about you, but I love sipping margaritas all summer long. From the original recipe to more exotic flavors and even pre-made versions meant to be enjoyed straight from the bottle, I’m an equal opportunity cocktail lover. That’s why I’m all about displaying my boozy pride with this amazing 3-foot tall outdoor margarita lamp* all year long.

  1. If you want to make a statement, this is a good one. Displaying a 3-foot tall margarita lamp on your front porch, your back patio, by the pool, or anyone else is really putting it out there: you love margaritas and you want everyone to know about it.
  2. It’s also just a cool decoration. Once all this social distancing stuff is over (eventually) and it’s time to throw a BBQ or a pool party, having some solid decor always takes the fun up a few notches. I can’t imagine there’s anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a glowing margarita light, can you?
  3. It’s not very bright, so don’t expect miracles here. While this margarita light does indeed, well, light up, you’re not going to get spotlight or even lamp levels of light from it. Instead, the lights it includes serve to cast a pleasant glow and make it visibly stand out in the dark. Adjust your expectations, people.
  4. You can even put it up in the house if you’d like. If you live in an apartment or simply lack any decent outside space in which to display your margarita light proudly, you can always set it up in your living room or bedroom or something. As the product description reads, “This unique and fun summer decoration will be a cool and colorful addition to deck, porch, patio or poolside. Constructed of tinseled fabric over a sturdy wire frame, this decorative piece also features interior LED lights that provide a soft and colorful glow. This seasonal decoration can be displayed in indoor or outdoor locations.”
  5. It’s available from Home Depot, so you know what to do. The margarita light will cost you $69.99, a small price to pay for such a uniquely hilarious item. You can order yours online HERE.

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