People Think McDonald’s Knows Something We Don’t After Opening Electricity-Free Store In The Middle Of Nowhere

People are sharing their conspiracy theories after McDonald’s opened a new restaurant seemingly in the middle of nowhere in a location that doesn’t even have electricity.

While most McDonald’s tend to be in more suburban or even urban areas, TikToker @thumbs.up.canuck was shocked to find a new restaurant smack dab in the middle of a farm. Say what?

The new McDonald’s is in Saint-François, Laval, Quebec.

Writing on Facebook, the new location wrote, “Officially open for business. Our staff awaits you at our new restaurant at 8075 Marcel-Villeneuve, Laval.”

McDonalds’ Jéremy Lévy also shared in the excitement for the new location, saying: “I am delighted to be involved with the community of Saint-François on the occasion of this opening. Growing up with a father who is also a McDonald’s franchisee, I have had the opportunity to see him actively involved in the communities in which he operates his restaurants.”

“Today, I am very excited to follow in his footsteps and get involved in the same way.”

The new restaurant has gone viral for a very strange reason.


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After @thumbs.up.canuck uploaded a video to his account of the latest McDonald’s opening, people couldn’t stop talking about it.

That’s because the TikToker noticed something a bit odd: this McDonald’s was literally in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t even have electricity yet, judging by the generator outside.

“It’s literally in the middle of farm field. It’s surrounded by farm, and there’s not even electricity yet. They’re running the damn place on a generator! That’s crazy!” he said while filming from his car.

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What a strange place to put a McDonald’s… or is it?

People immediately hit up the comments section to offer up their thoughts on why McDonald’s might have built there. The general consensus is that the company knows something the rest of us aren’t privy to just yet.

“Then you know what’s coming, they wouldn’t put it there for nothing,” one person said.

Another added, “In two years it will be surrounded by houses strategically planned.”

A third claimed, “All the surrounding farms are about to be purchased and sold to developers.”

Sadly, that’s probably true!

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