What Is The Meaning Of Clingy? 9 Things A Guy Means When He Describes A Woman This Way

Most women have probably been accused of being clingy at one point or another. One of the greatest dating mysteries is working out if you’re actually clingy or if a guy is just being distant or deceptive. So, what is the meaning of clingy, and what do guys mean when they say this?

What is the meaning of “clingy,” anyway?

Clingy is a term people use to describe those who are too attached to their partner, physically and emotionally. People who are actually clingy want to spend every waking moment with their partner, be in constant physical contact, and have no desire to have any kind of independence of life outside their partner – and want their partner to be the same. So, if a guy calls you clingy, it could be because you’re too attached to him, but guys also use this term to hide poor behavior or as a blanket statement if they don’t know how to express their true feelings.

What a guy’s really trying to say when he calls a woman clingy

1. You don’t have the same love language.

Your love language might be physical touch, but his sure isn’t. A love language is all about how you like to share and receive love. Some people show it through physical affection, others through compliments, gift giving, or acts of service. Understanding your partner’s love language is a big help in making them feel appreciated and in recognizing when they’re showing you affection. If you love physical affection, you might not realize that your boyfriend always helping you with errands is his way of showing love. If a guy calls you clingy, he might feel you’re physically affectionate far too much than he’s comfortable with, so you need to talk it out.

2. You’re too dependent on him.

He feels like your whole life revolves around him, and it makes him uneasy. Whether you’re actually clingy or he doesn’t really grasp what a serious relationship entails is hard to determine. But either way, when a guy tells you you’re clingy, he’s feeling overwhelmed by how much space in your life he occupies – especially if you’re not that much of a priority to him. Ask yourself how much room he takes up in your life. If you’ve dropped your hobbies, friends, and family to devote yourself to him – when he hasn’t asked or pressured you to do that – then he might have a point. You need to have your own life, or your world will end if you break up.

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4. He feels like he’s on a leash.

If you can’t take your hands off him whenever you go somewhere, he might feel restricted. If you’re at a party or hanging out with friends, it’s okay if you’re not joined at the hip all night. Wanting some time alone with friends isn’t a crime.

5. He wants some alone time.

Not everyone is great at communicating. Instead of directly telling you that he wants a little time to himself, a guy might accuse you of being clingy to push you away. It’s not necessarily that he doesn’t like spending time with you, he just wants to be able to veg out and play on his PS5 in peace.

6. He thinks you’re paranoid.

A guy might call you clingy if you check in on him often when he’s out with his friends, or you grill him whenever another woman looks at him. To be fair, if he never gave you a reason not to trust him, making him feel like he’s under surveillance will drive a wedge between you.

7. Intimacy and commitment scare him.

He was happier when things were more casual between you. The idea of being in a serious relationship frightens him, and he’s not ready to be emotionally vulnerable with you. Rather than owning up to how he feels, he’ll throw you under the bus and accuse you of being clingy.

8. He misses being free.

He might not want to break up with you, but being in constant contact – physically and emotionally – reminds him that he’s no longer unattached. A guy might tell you you’re clingy to put some distance between you, so he doesn’t feel anchored down. This kind of guy is just not ready or mature enough for a serious relationship.

9. He’s manipulating you.

Sometimes when a guy tells you you’re clingy, it’s because you actually are clingy, but other times, he’s deflecting. Sometimes a guy tells you you’re clingy to manipulate you. Maybe it was perfectly normal the whole time for you to be physically affectionate, then all of a sudden, he doesn’t watch to touch you but starts acting like you’re actually the one acting weird. In this case, he’s gaslighting you. Plus, withholding affection just to mess with your head is a sign of emotional abuse.

10. He wants to look available.

Again, a guy telling you you’re clingy isn’t always shady, but sometimes it’s a huge red flag. He might tell you you’re clingy to keep you from touching him in public. This is so he can look available for other women. After all, most other women don’t pursue a guy if they know he’s taken, so he might tell them you’re just friends and cheat.

Aisling is a 20-something year old Irish writer who is the life and relationship guru of her social circle. She loves music, movies, and coffee.