8 Ways You’re Acting Way Too Clingy & Need To Back Off

We’ve all known that girl — the total Stage 5 clinger. We may have even been her before. No matter what anyone says or how many guys she chases away, there’s never anything anyone can do to save her from herself. If you ever find yourself madly in love and questioning your own clinger status, make sure you’re not doing these things:

You’re always available… like, all the time.

If you’re free every time he calls and bug him to hang out when you know he’s busy and you were just together yesterday, he’s going to lose interest pretty quickly. While you shouldn’t be playing hard to get all the time, you should definitely have your own life, and make yourself both a little bit of a mystery as well as a challenge.

You blow up his phone with texts and calls 24/7.

Keeping in touch is one thing, but blowing up his phone is another. The last thing you want to do is text repeatedly because he hasn’t answered you fast enough, or start calling him non-stop to see what’s up. Sometimes it’s just hard to respond when you’re legitimately busy, and seeing 20, “Why aren’t you answering me? Hello???” messages from you is a total turn-off.

You ditch your friends for him.

Having a good group of friends in your life is essential. Your friends were there before he came along, and if things don’t work out, they’ll be there long after, too. Besides, you’ll be much more attractive to him (not to mention much more well-rounded) when you enjoy your own life outside of him.

You move at lightening speed.

Jumping from dating to planning a wedding in six months comes off as ultra clingy, especially when he isn’t on the same page. Pausing to enjoy the moment and actually getting to know each other will help keep the passion alive for longer and build a solid foundation for the relationship.

You’re always staring at your phone.

If you can’t stop checking your phone to see if he’s responded to your texts, you need to find something else to do with your time. Understanding that it’s important to have other things in your life other than just hanging around waiting for your guy will help you be a much happier person.

You overanalyze everything he does on social media.

No one likes to see their boyfriend liking a bunch of girls’ pictures on Instagram, but when you check his pages 1000 times a day and get angry over everything he does, there’s a problem. If you have enough time to legitimately cyberstalk him, you should focus on finding more productive, and normal, ways to fill your time.

You get jealous and freak out when he’s with his friends.

Realizing that it’s important that you both have time with your friends is part of what makes a relationship healthy. Getting mad at him any time he makes plans with friends instead of you will only cause friction between you and loads of resentment on his end.

You’re always worried he’ll pack up and leave.

Constantly stressing about the potential of him leaving will only create a weird vibe in the relationship that makes you both uneasy. Ditch the clinging, show some confidence, and remember that while he might be a great catch, you are as well, and he’s lucky to have you.

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