15 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Him

We’ve all been in major crush territory, and it can be hard to keep our heads straight when we’re in the midst of those loving feelings. But sometimes things can go beyond love struck and enter obsession territory. Here are some signs your interest levels are cause for concern and becoming unhealthy.

You’re neglecting other people in your life.

It’s natural to carve out some extra time for a new boo, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of all the other people who have been there for you along the way.

Your social media stalking is getting out of hand.

Obviously you’re going to look at his Instagram, but you shouldn’t spend hours stalking every girl who liked his most recent photo.

You daydream about conversations that aren’t going to happen.

When you’re loving someone from afar and can’t snap out of your imaginary world, it might be time to schedule some real life friend time to bring you back to earth.

You’ve urged him to skip guys night.

The possible risks of a night out on the town without you aren’t worth it, in your opinion.

You’re not together, but you’re not interested in anyone else.

If a guy isn’t into you there’s no sense waiting around for him to change his mind and ignoring all the other hotties in your vicinity.

Your sense of self worth is dependent on how he feels about you.

When he’s irritated with you, it feels like your entire world is crumbling down – but when his mood shifts, yours immediately does, too.

You think he’s literally flawless.

Nothing clouds judgment like obsession. No one is perfect, so if his questionable behavior isn’t raising any red flags for you at all, you might not be paying attention.

You’ve tried to change who you are to get his attention.

No one needs to dye their hair to get a date with a guy who supposedly only dates blondes.

He rejected you, but you’re still thinking of names for your future children.

If someone really isn’t giving you the time of day but you can’t let go, you might be obsessing a bit. Planning too far in advance isn’t cute, it’s creepy.

You feel depressed when he’s gone.

You used to love TV night with your friends, but these days, any time your man is gone for work, you’re too bummed out to do anything else.

You’re trying to break him up.

If your current crush has a girl already, you shouldn’t be interjecting yourself where you don’t belong.

You run into him on purpose.

You happen to know where and at what time he gets his coffee, because you’re basically stalking him.

You compulsively hang out with him, even when you know you’re too busy.

If you keep choosing you man over finishing up your work project, and end up feeling terrible about it but can’t stop… you might be addicted to your relationship.

You’ve tried to get extra close to people he’s friends with to win him over.

Being social is one thing, but befriending someone just so they can vouch for you is leaning towards the manipulative side.

Your friends have expressed their concerns.

It’s not jealousy that your friends are projecting onto you, they really miss you! If your friends think you’ve been obsessing, take it into consideration before things get out of hand.

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