Miracle Puppy Born With Six Legs And Two Tails Should Have A Long, Healthy Life

A puppy in Oklahoma was born recently with six legs and two tails. The dog, named Skipper, was believed to have had a twin in utero but since they didn’t completely split apart, she’s got double the body parts from the waist down. Given that a puppy with this level of congenital conditions has never been born alive before according to any published case studies, vets are certain that Skipper should have a happy, healthy life ahead of her.

  1. Skipper was born in Oklahoma City in February. She was born on February 16 and went to Neel Veterinary Hospital 10 days later for her check-up, where she was described as “strong and determined.” She’s a fighter, that little gal!
  2. She looks a little bit different but she’s still beautiful. As Neel Veterinary Hospital shared on their Facebook page, Skipper is a miracle and worth marveling at too!  You might notice she looks a little different – 6 legs!” they wrote in a post alongside a photo of Skipper. “She has a type of congenital conjoining disorders called monocephalus dipygus and monocephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus which simply means she has 1 head and chest cavity but 2 pelvic regions, 2 lower urinary tracts, 2 reproductive systems, 2 tails and 6 legs among other things.”
  3. She probably won’t even need to have surgery. While you might assume that six legs is two too many, vets don’t believe they’ll need to remove any of them because they all appear to be working. “All of her legs move and respond to stimulus just like a normal puppy,” they shared, adding that she might need physical therapy or help with mobility as she gets older. However, in the immediate, those extra legs might even help her balance better!
  4. Skipper is living a happy, healthy life with her family. While there may be challenges due to her differences in the future, Skipper’s family is working with vets to ensure she gets the care and help she needs. In the meantime, it’s all going pretty well! “Positively, her organs appear to be in great shape, she is peeing and pooping, and is very strong! She nurses well and is growing appropriately so far,” the Facebook post added.
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