Tennessee Man Arrested For DUI, Meth While Driving Lawnmower ‘Santa Train’ Full Of Kids

Tennessee Man Arrested For DUI, Meth While Driving Lawnmower ‘Santa Train’ Full Of Kids WATE

A Tennessee man who was allegedly driving a “Santa train” full of kids while under the influence of narcotics and methamphetamine has been arrested, WATE reports. Henry Meade was behind the wheel of a motorized lawnmower packed with little ones at the town’s Christmas Tractor Parade when witnesses began noticing his erratic behavior. It soon became clear that Meade had no business driving.

Henry Meade was in no state to be driving kids around.

According to witnesses, he was unsteady on his feet and when authorities arrived, he failed a field sobriety test.

However, it wasn’t just Meade’s actions that made him suspect. Officers from the Tazewell Police Department found meth, narcotics, and a syringe on his person when they arrested him.

The kids at the event were never in danger.

In a joint statement issued by TPD chief Jeremy Myers and Tazewell Mayor Bill Fannon, at no point was anyone in trouble and the issue was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

“The Tazewell Police Department responded swiftly to the incident, ensuring the safety of event attendees,” the statement said.

“During the event, we had 14 police officers on foot patrol for several thousand attendees.”

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Henry Meade was quickly arrested and charged.

After being booked into the Tazewell County Justice Center, Meade was charged with driving under the influence, possession of methamphetamine and other drug charges.

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