Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Car Swerves To Avoid Tarantula

A motorcyclist was injured after a camper van ran into him while trying to avoid a tarantula in California’s Death Valley National Park, NBC Los Angeles reports. The motorcyclist had to be hospitalized for his injuries, though his current condition is unclear.

The accident happened on Highway 190.

Tourists from Switzerland were driving a rented camper van east of Towne Pass when the driver of the van saw a tarantula slowly crossing the road. In order to avoid hitting the arachnid, they swerved, causing the accident.

A 24-year-old Canadian man on a motorcycle was driving behind the camper van and crashed into it when the van swerved.

The tarantula survived just fine.

In a statement released by the National Parks Service, Superintendent Mike Reynolds, who was the first to respond to the scene of the accident, said that the tarantula was unharmed. On a more serious note, he also urged drivers to take more care on the roads.

“Please drive slowly, especially going down steep hills in the park,” he said. “Our roads still have gravel patches due to flood damage, and wildlife of all sizes are out.”

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You don’t usually see tarantulas running across the roads.

The NPS noted that tarantulas usually live in underground burrows. However, they do come out during the autumn months in order to look for a mate.

The NPS added in another fun fact: the female tarantula sometimes kills the male and eats him after they mate. Male tarantulas only tend to live a few years, while females can survive for up to 25. Pretty cool, eh?

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