I Need A Guy Who Has His Financial Act Together—I’m Not A Sugar Mama

There are some things I can deal with in a relationship, but laziness isn’t one of them. I’m not even the least bit interested in dating someone who isn’t a hard worker. And no, that doesn’t mean that I’m a gold-digger—it’s less about how much money a man makes and more about his overall work ethic. I consider myself hard-working, and I want the same from my partner.

  1. I Need Someone Who Can Keep Up With Me. I’m a go-getter type and I need a man who is, at the very least, understanding of that. If he can keep up with me, that’s even better. I already know from experience that someone who isn’t hard-working won’t be able to keep up or identify with my lifestyle, so I’m not even interested in trying a relationship with someone who isn’t on my level.
  2. I’m no one’s sugar mama. Nobody likes a mooch, and I have no interest in paying a guy’s way. I’ve dated guys who act like they have big dreams and want to work hard but they turned out to be mooches incognito. I don’t mind paying for dates now and then, but I don’t want to be the one footing the bill on every date or paying his rent because he “forgot” and already spent all his money. If that’s him, he can kindly move along…
  3. Work Ethic Trickles Into The Relationship. From prioritizing to time management, and ultimately to the level of dedication, work ethic is important both at work and in a romantic relationship. Good work ethic reflects itself into relationships and a lackadaisical mate will likely sabotage the relationship from the start.
  4. We Should Motivate Each Other. Not only will our relationship grow from cheering each other on, but motivating each other will push us to be more successful as individuals too. Nothing turns me on quite like watching the man I’m interested in work hard while I root him on, especially towards something he’s passionate about. We become who we surround ourselves with, so if our partner is driven for success, then there’s a great chance that we will be as well.
  5. He’s Probably Happier, Overall. In most instances, hard workers tend to enjoy their jobs. If they enjoy their jobs, they’re inherently going to be happier people—and that joy will spill into the relationship. Nobody wants to date a grump who constantly complains about their job but doesn’t want to work hard to change the circumstance.
  6. It’s Sexy. There’s a reason that music—particularly country songs—feature hard working men in the lyrics. There’s a sex factor. It doesn’t matter if his hands are dirty from hours of manual labor, or if he spends all day behind the desk in an office environment. A man that works hard in his career of choice is effortlessly sexy.
  7. Quitting Isn’t An Option. Someone who is truly a hard worker doesn’t quit until the job gets done and they don’t back down readily when tough circumstances arise. They’re always looking for a solution. That character trait translates well into relationships, especially during heated arguments when it’s easy to throw the towel in. Quitters are a serious turn-off and I’m not interested.
  8. Our Time Together Will Be More Meaningful. If a man works hard, he’s probably going to have a busy schedule. That is fine with me because I like my schedule jam-packed anyway. As long as we can both agree to make time for each other, then all is good. This just means that we will have to choose to be more intentional with our time together, making it more meaningful.
  9. He’s Responsible And Has His Life In Order. Feeling secure in a relationship is necessary for success on several levels. One of the contributing factors to relational security is knowing that my significant other is responsible. Typically, a responsible person is more ambitious and not a slacker. That’s a major turn-on!
  10. I want To Be A Successful Team. Not to creep the dudes out, but we ladies are always looking at the future in a relationship. Whether we let them into our thoughts or not, once we get a couple of months into the relationship, we’ve usually envisioned our engagement, wedding, and what our future children might look like. If he’s not a hard worker, then we won’t be an effective team, and that just won’t work out in the long run.
  11. If a man works hard at his job, he will likely work hard for my heart. I know from experience that if a guy doesn’t work hard at his job or in other productive areas of his life, he’s more than likely not going to want to work hard for my heart, either. That’s a frustrating but true fact. If I’m giving my all in a relationship, I want that to be reciprocated.
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