Why Never Getting Married Is The Smartest Decision You Can Make

If you’re considering getting married to your partner or you’re single but desperate to have a massive wedding one day, stop right there. Getting married may be the worst decision you ever make while avoiding it altogether is probably the smartest—here’s why.

  1. It’s completely unnecessary. Sure, it was a necessity further back in history, when marriage was used to barter land and money between families and to ensure bright futures for the women being married off (or so they were led to believe), but the only concrete advantage to marriage these days is the tax cut. If that’s your reason for saying “I do,” there’s a problem.
  2. It puts extra pressure on the relationship. When you’re in a relationship with someone, even if it’s long-term, you can still walk away from it when it’s over relatively easily, technically speaking. However, when you’re married, the idea of ending the relationship becomes way more intense, and you end up staying and trying to make things work probably much longer than you should because you’re married and you think you have to. No thanks.
  3. Weddings cost way too much money. Considering that the average American wedding costs nearly $30,000, that’s enough of a reason all on its own to forego the nuptials. Unless you’re filthy rich and/or hate the idea of a big wedding and plan to elope, you’re going to either end up compromising on your dream of a fairytale wedding or end up in debt that will follow you for the rest of your life. Imagine what you could do with $30,000!!
  4. Divorces are expensive as hell too. Imagine you put yourself into debt (or even further into debt if you already have student loans) and then the relationship ends. You get out, but you definitely don’t get off scot-free. There may be child or spousal maintenance involved, plus the cost of getting the divorce itself, plus the money you’ll need to move into your own place/buy your ex’s half of your house back or whatever… it’s really not worth the headache.
  5. You don’t need a piece of paper to prove your love. Seriously, if you think a marriage certificate is concrete proof that you and your S.O. are going to be together forever, I encourage you to get real. If you guys truly are meant to be and you want to build a life together, go ahead and do it! Getting married won’t up your chances of making it last, I promise you that.
  6. You’re your own person, not some guy (or woman’s) wife. Yes, I know, in healthy relationships, you don’t lose your individuality and you never have to sacrifice your independence. However, if you’re in a straight relationship, you will automatically start being referred to as Mrs. So-and-so. Suddenly you’re some dude’s wife instead of your awesome self. This may seem like a minor issue to many, but it’s still worth thinking about.
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