Newlywed Dies 3 Days After Wedding In Freak Accident On Honeymoon

Newlywed Dies 3 Days After Wedding In Freak Accident On Honeymoon Facebook/Nate Kuhlman

The family of a newly married man is in deep mourning after the groom died in a freak accident while on his honeymoon in the Caribbean with his new wife. Nate and Mariana Kuhlman got married on October 28 and flew to St. Lucia to celebrate. Sadly, Nate was killed in a waterskiing accident less than 72 hours after saying “I do.”

It’s unclear exactly what happened to Nate Kuhlman.

While his family did reveal that the waterskiing accident was behind his untimely death, the details of the incident have understandably not been made public.

“We never really know when our time will come. Nate’s death took all of us by surprise and just took our breath away. By God’s grace, we are OK. It’s so hard and painful, but we are walking each day one moment at a time,” Nate’s mother, Heather Kuhlman, wrote in Facebook, per Fox News. She is understood to have flown to St. Lucia to pray over his body before an autopsy was completed.

“We know you are hurting too, and our hearts go out to all of you. My son is in the arms of Jesus.”

Two GoFundMe campaigns have been launched the help the family at this difficult time.

Collectively, both pages have raised more than $100,000. The money is being used to fund travel between the Caribbean and the US and other associated costs due to the tragedy.

“The donations will help cover the expenses of last-minute plane tickets to St. Lucia and back home, immediate passport issuing, transportation, accommodations, meals, funeral arrangements, Mariana’s needs and anything else that comes up,” one of the campaigns stated. “Please also pray for the families, for their strength and that God’s presence fill their hearts.

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Nate Kuhlman’s wife, Mariana, must be especially heartbroken.

Originally from Los Angeles, Mariana met Nate while they were both studying at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. They eventually moved back to Nate’s home state of Florida and were looking forward to building an amazing life together.

“Nate was a wonderful husband, friend, son, and brother in Christ,” the other GoFundMe page reads.

“He was able to thoughtfully encounter every person he met and those who had the blessing of a relationship with him would be able to tell a list of stories detailing what a fun, kind, and adventurous soul he was.”

“Words cannot describe the heartbreak there is for his story and for his family. We kindly ask for help to assist for funeral cost and travel of the family.”

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