Owen Wilson Pays $25,000 A Month In Child Support For A Daughter He’s Never Met

Owen Wilson is shelling out $25,000 a month in child support to a daughter he’s never met, it has been revealed. The 51-year-old actor got model and ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates pregnant during their five-year on-again, off-again relationship but they broke up before little Lyla Aranya Wilson was born. While the parents of a child no longer being together should have no effect on their involvement in the kid’s life, Wilson opted out of even meeting his daughter, let alone helping to raise her.

Lyla was born in October 2018. However, even before Vongsvirates gave birth, she filed a paternity petition in court in May. Wilson didn’t wait for his daughter to enter the world either to respond to the petition, and he immediately demanded a DNA test (of course). He claimed he was “not certain” if he was the father, but chances are he was just trying to prolong having to pay for his child.

Wilson said he didn’t want visitation rights. After his daughter’s paternity was confirmed, you might think Wilson would have a change of heart and want to meet his child, but you’d be wrong. He decided to throw money at the situation instead and had no desire to even meet Lyla.

He’s paying out a hefty fee for Lyla’s care. According to documents obtained by RadarOnline and cited by the Daily Mail, Wilson agreed to pay $70,000 as a one-off fee to cover a night nurse, a labor coach, and Vongsvirates’ legal fees and to further provide $25,000 per month in child support. He did at least agree to add Lyla to his Screen Actors Guild medical insurance, though he’ll have no say in the girl’s health, education, and welfare.

At least they’re trying to keep it civil. Part of the legal agreement between Wilson and Vongsvirates is that neither would “make disparaging and/or derogatory remarks about the other party, or their significant others, if any, in the presence of the minor child.” However, given that Wilson will likely never be around Lyla, I doubt that would be a problem.

Vongsvirates doesn’t get why Wilson doesn’t even want to meet his daughter. “Owen has never met Lyla. Never,” she said. “Lyla needs a father. It’s ironic how [Wilson] keeps getting these father roles, he’s playing a father in his new movie, and he’s never met his own daughter.”

Lyla isn’t even Wilson’s only child. He already has two other children, each with a different woman. His eldest, Robert Ford, he had with ex-girlfriend Jade Duell. His second child, Finn, is with fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist. He’s apparently a great parent to his two sons, which makes his complete disregard for Lyla even more terrible.

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