Oktoberfest Server Hailed For ‘Superhuman Strength’ After Carrying More Than A Dozen Beers

Whether or not you’ve ever attended an Oktoberfest celebration, you likely know it’s famous for one very important thing: beer. You pop on your lederhosen, grab a salty soft pretzel, and get totally wasted off way too many huge steins full of amber ale. It’s a good time all around, but you have to feel for the servers who work these events and are run off their feet by demanding punters. However, one waiter came up with a genius way to carry more beer to more people: carry it all at once. Talk about strength!

  1. A video of the event was posted on TikTok. In the clip, the woman grabbed not two or three steins full of beer at once, but a whopping 13, all of which she carried to thirsty drinkers around the hall. The video shows her grabbing them all from the bar and heading on her way to deliver them inside the Schützenfestzelt, one of the oldest festival tents at Oktoberfest that can hold more than 6,000 people at a time.
  2. The route to delivery wasn’t swift. Not only did the Oktoberfest server carry 13 beers at one time, but she take them up to the next floor to reach the customers they had to be delivered to! Carrying all of that weight up a set of steep wooden stairs is definitely no joke.
  3. People were amazed by the waiter’s impressive level of strength. After videos of the server’s feats were uploaded, people immediately started commenting in disbelief. “What in the actual Oktoberfest is this feat of super human strength!!!?” one person asked. Another wrote, “It’s astounding how much they’re lifting and balancing… I struggle bad enough with one.”
  4. Shockingly, the woman didn’t break the world record. That’s actually held by a Bavarian tax inspector named Oliver Strümpfel, who broke the record in 2018 at the Gillamoos Fair in Absenberg, Germany by carrying 29 steins at one time. That’s 147 pounds worth of beer!
  5. Still, this woman is a total legend! The strength and coordination she has is impressive, and I bet the customers love her! Here’s hoping she makes some serious cash for her hard work!

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♬ Originalton – Verena


#oktoberfest2023 #oktoberfest #bier #beer #13 #maßbier #waitress #firstround #wiesn #schützenfestzelt #volksfestbedienung #bedienung

♬ Originalton – Verena

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