People Are Keeping Their Toilet Paper In The Fridge In New Viral ‘Hack’

Another day, another TikTok trend turned viral “hack” that seems to have caught on like wildfire despite being somewhat unnecessary and probably not even all that effective. Case in point: The latest trend is all about putting your toilet paper in the fridge right next to all your food and drinks.

Those who swear by the method claim it’s been a game-changer for them in their kitchen, but others aren’t so sure.

TikTokers say putting toilet paper in your fridge decreases bad smells.

The people who subscribe to this “hack” say that popping a fresh roll of Charmin in between the stinky stuff in their fridge like cheese or meat makes their fridge stay smelling fresh.

The general idea is that because toilet paper is absorbent, it picks up any extra gunk and moisture that floats around in your fridge, meaning unpleasant smells get less opportunity to flourish.

Do you really need toilet paper to get a fresh-smelling fridge?


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Not really. The idea that your two-ply has a place on your shelf next to that jar of Vlassic pickles and leftover Chinese food is so 2023 — unnecessary, overcomplicated, and aiming to solve a problem for which we’ve had antidotes for many years.

Those who have been on the planet for more than a couple of decades know that throwing an open box of Arm & Hammer (or whatever brand) baking soda in the fridge does the exact same thing — without all the mess or the grossness.

Not only that, but baking soda can last for about three months at full power in the fridge, whereas TikTokers admit the toilet paper will need to be switched out every three weeks. Not exactly economical or earth-friendly, either.

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This is one of those silly things that’s quirky for social media but not all that useful.

Sure, if you’re truly in a pinch and don’t have any baking soda in your house (or activated charcoal or vanilla extract, both of which can also be put in your fridge to soak up bad odors), then a roll of TP will do the trick.

However, there’s no real reason to try this “hack” otherwise.

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