Plane Passenger Slammed For Gross Behavior On Flight That Left People Disgusted

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: People have forgotten how to act like normal human beings while out in the world. While some people have always treated planes like their living rooms, it seems like since Covid, the number of people acting like absolute twats while flying has dramatically increased. Take, for instance, someone aboard a 3-hour flight that decided to use the armrest of the passenger in front of them as a place to put their bare feet. Disgusting!

Do you say something if you’re sitting there?
by u/Qwaymind in ImTheMainCharacter

  1. A picture of the incident was posted on Reddit. In the “I’m The Main Character” sub, a man can be seen in shorts with no socks or shoes on. His face isn’t visible, but what is seen is his nasty hooves on the seat of the passenger in front of him. “This was a 3-hour flight and he kept those puppies up the whole time,” OP wrote.
  2. Who does this? Taking your shoes and socks (if wearing them) off is bad enough. You’re on a plane. Unless you’re on a long-haul flight and have lovely, non-holey, non-stinking socks on, you’d better bring some slippers and keep your nasty paws away. However, to desperately need to free your feet on a three hour flight is jokes.
  3. People on Reddit were quick to call out the “disgusting behavior.” As one person remarked, ‘Some people are raised by wolves.” Another wrote: “This is why I dislike summer. Because I am having to look at everyone’s nasty, or just plain, weird feet. It’s gross.”
  4. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Remember last summer when a flyer put their nasty bare feet through the seats onto theirs during a flight? Yep, gross!
  5. Can we just agree to keep our body parts to ourselves? Yes, planes suck because there’s not enough room, but everyone is in the same boat here, people. There’s literally no excuse for encroaching on other passengers’ equally limited space because you don’t know how to act in public. Make the madness stop!
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