Plus-Size Influencer Films Rude Woman Laughing At Her At The Gym

A popular plus-size influencer has shared a video she filmed of a woman heckling her while she was at the gym. Bethy Red, who has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, shared the clip to TikTok showing a woman she doesn’t know interrupting her to ask why she’s filming herself and laughing at her for no reason. It’s uncomfortable to watch and totally inexplicable why anyone would think this behavior is acceptable.


So this happened 🙃

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  1. Bethy was just doing her thing. While fixing her hair in the mirror at the gym, a woman standing behind her that she doesn’t know asks, “Girl, what are you doing? Are you taking videos of yourself?” Bethy replies that she is and the woman continues, saying, “You are? Well, why? For your own documentation or what?”
  2. Newsflash: it’s none of your business, lady. While Bethy certainly didn’t owe this woman, a total stranger, any explanations, she replied to the woman that the videos are for her blog, at which point the woman begins to laugh.
  3. Bethy doesn’t respond. I mean, how would you respond to someone like that anyway? There’s then a pretty awkward silence while the woman gets her stuff together and gets ready to leave. Ugh, just get out already!
  4. Before the woman leaves, she has one more thing to say. Just as she’s walking out, teh woman turns to her and sarcastically says, “Well, have fun!” as she walks out. What is wrong with people?! Not only was it not this woman’s place to question what Bethy was doing in the first place but to continue on with a perfect stranger who wasn’t bothering anyone is just downright cruel.
  5. Clearly Bethy is a badass. For one thing, she didn’t tell the woman off right away as many of us might have been tempted to do. Second of all, she managed to stay strong and just wait for the woman to leave. Was she hurt by the harassment? Yes, probably. But at the end of the day, she hopefully has the confidence and self-love to let it go right over her head and into the garbage, where it belongs.
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