This Beer Has Skittles And Trix Cereal For The Ultimate Adult Treat

Cereal and beer just go together, and not just because it’s made from the hops grain. Breakfast cereal has also been added to beer before (hello, Smartmouth Brewing Co.’s Lucky Charms brew) and now the game is about to be taken up another notch with Pontoon Brewing Co.’s Rainbow Smiggles.

  1. If you love sweet stuff, this is for you. Rainbow Smiggles is a brew full of “Berliner Weisse is packed with Trix, Skittles, Strawberries, Pineapple & lactose,” according to a post on the brand’s Instagram page. Given that Trix is one of the best breakfast cereals of our childhood and Skittles are one of the best candies, it seems like a natural combo.
  2. It’s another collaboration with Sprayberry Bottle Shop. Pontoon Brewing Co. has already worked with Sprayberry, a liquor store based in Marietta, Georgia, on two previous occasions but this one might just be their best work yet. Seriously, can you tell how excited I am about it?
  3. You can always count on Pontoon Brewing to be creative. The brewery’s head brewer, Chris Baratz, knows how important it is to be innovative and to continue to offer beer drinkers new and exciting flavors. “We’re trying to keep the market well-provided with interesting new flavors month after month,” he said in a statement, according to Thrillist. “Because of that, we like to push the limits and go to extremes to keep the brewers and customers excited about each new sour.”
  4. You can get a hold of Rainbow Smiggles from February 7. You’ll be able to get a hold of this delicious beer full of Trix and Skittles from both the brewery and Sprayberry Bottle Shop from February 7, but if you don’t live local, don’t worry. They plan to bring it out in their other markets not long after so you can stock up and then drink up. I can’t wait!

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