Reminder: If A Guy Isn’t Into You, It’s His Loss

Reminder: If A Guy Isn’t Into You, It’s His Loss ©iStock/Mucella

It’s hard not to be disappointed when someone you really like doesn’t return your feelings. You start to think about what you did wrong, or if there’s any way you can change his mind. Ultimately, you can’t control how someone else feels, and your only option is to move on. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but try to remember that there’s nothing wrong with you just because that one guy wasn’t into you.

  1. You are who you are. It’s not like you’d be able to transform yourself into exactly what he’s looking for even if you wanted to. If you’re not what he wants, that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, it just means you’re not right for him.
  2. There are guys out there who’d kill to be with you. Dating is all about finding the right person for you at the right time. This guy may not be The One, but that just means he’s still out there, and he can’t wait to meet you.
  3. It’s probably more about him than you. Everyone has plenty of things going on in their lives that no one is aware of. What if the girl who broke his heart in college had blond hair just like yours and now he can’t bring himself to date another blond girl? It might not be logical, but emotions aren’t logical.
  4. Sometimes it’s just timing. Maybe he just broke up with someone and he’s not in the state of mind to see you as a potential girlfriend. There’s nothing you can do about that except give him space. If it’s meant to be, you’ll get another chance when the time is right.
  5. You have plenty of people that love you. Your friends and families aren’t going anywhere because they know you’re awesome. If they all love you, it’s only a matter of time before you find a guy who sees in you what they see.
  6. It’s better to know than not know. Once you know for sure that he’s not interested in you, you’ll be able to move on. It may be hard to accept at first, but the sooner you know, the sooner you’ll be over it and on to the next guy.
  7. At least he isn’t leading you on. No one likes being rejected, but if he’s a decent guy, he won’t keep you guessing and hoping. It would be a lot worse if he selfishly kept you on the hook for months, so just be grateful he was honest.
  8. You deserve someone who’s head over heels for you. Be honest, would you really want to date someone who was only half-assing it? It’s better to be single and looking than tied down by a mediocre relationship that’s going nowhere. So focus on your hope for the future instead of this one guy that didn’t want you.
  9. It’s no one’s fault. Just like it’s not your fault he doesn’t like you, it’s not really his fault either. He can’t choose who he’s attracted to or control how he feels any better than you can. So don’t waste your energy on being angry about things no one can control.
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