It’s Official, Science Says: Dad Bods Are In, Hot Bodies Are Out

While hot dudes have never really gone out of fashion, there’s something to be said for guys that are less conventionally attractive. Dad bods have been gaining traction lately, and now a new study makes it official: women prefer dad bods to six packs and massive muscles.

  1. The study comes courtesy of Planet Fitness, funnily enough. The gym chain prides itself on its “judgment-free” approach to health, so it’s not entirely weird to know that of the 2,217 adults aged 18 and over, a good portion of them either had dad bods or were kinda into them.
  2. Dad bods in general are way more acceptable. In comparison to 2018, when only 63% of people said that dad bods were OK, a lot more people are cool with them these days. In fact, 71% of people think they’re just fine.
  3. Dudes are going a little easier on themselves about it. Of the respondents who actually have a dad bod, 79% are pretty happy with their bodies and 72% believe that their shape has actually improved their lives in some way. Nearly half of men with dad bods—46% to be specific—say that they feel more relaxed since they don’t have to stress so much about their physique.
  4. Dad bods are a sign of confidence. At least according to four out of five men and women who were surveyed about it. They believe dudes who are cool with dad bods are laid-back and clearly have a healthy sense of self-esteem, which can only be a good thing, right?
  5. Apparently, dad bods are just hotter. A total of 65% of respondents believe that the dad bod is attractive, with 61% going so far as to describe men with this body type as “sexy.” Going even further, 51% of participants claimed that dad bods are the new six-pack. Not sure if I’d go that far, but OK!
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