Science Says That Meeting Your Guy Online May Lead To A Stronger Relationship Than Meeting IRL

If you feel insecure about dating online or if you met your guy online and you’re feeling insecure about telling people, I’m here to reassure you that you actually might be stressing for no reason at all. Recent studies have shown that people that meet online have better relationships than people who meet in the real world. Crazy, right?

You don’t have to feel ashamed about how you met anymore. You know how you’re somewhat insecure about talking about how you met bae, especially if you and your guy met on Tinder, Bumble, or Coffee Meets Bagel? Well, your relationship might have significant advantages to your gross college sweetheart friends who met in the damp basement of a frat house. Go ahead and brag—you have a good reason to.

You’re probably more compatible than your friends who met IRL.  On the internet, there’s power in numbers. You’re exposed to a greater amount of people on the internet than you are offline, so because more people are available to you to check out, you’re more likely to find a compatible partner.

It’s becoming more common to find a guy online, so go download a dating app now.  Dating online is the second most common way that men and women find a partner. The internet is no longer the place where we go to find information on something. It’s a place that we go to find love and that’s okay.

You’re more likely to find someone who wants a relationship online than at a bar. Okay, right now you might be like STFU, no way. But the research is compelling. Think about it this way: when you go to a bar, you’re not necessarily looking for a partner. You might be searching for someone to hook up with or someone to dance and flirt with for the night. But research shows that 80% of  Tinder users are looking for a meaningful relationship. Surprising, right? What it suggests is that most people are using internet applications as a more efficient way to identify potential partners, not hookups.

You’re more likely to transition to marriage sooner too. If you’re looking for marriage and traditional dating methods are not doing it for you, then you might want to download today. Basically, because more people are looking for a meaningful relationship online, you’re likely to find more people are also looking for marriage.

…And you’ll probably be happier. So, no offense to your college sweet-heart friends but maybe if they had the opportunity to select each other online, they might have a happier marriage. In another study, more people whose relationships that developed from an online source were satisfied in their marriages than people who met offline.

Online dating is the rule, not the exception. All of this data and research basically means that online dating is becoming the rule now, not the exception. Now you can start turning your nose up at people who met in more traditional settings.

Apps are making it easier to see whose in your immediate vicinity anyway. Snapchat, Hinge, and Tinder make it super easy for you to see who you might run into at your local bar anyway because of the geo-location features. So it’s not like you’re doing that much to alter anything. If anything, you’re just making dating much more efficient for your busy self.

Your love story is valid even if it started online. The internet proves that we can make deep connections with people without even having to leave our homes. That even means making a love connection. However you choose to do it, you should know that it is valid and just as legitimate as meeting someone through a friend or meeting someone out randomly at a coffee shop.

The next DM slide you receive, think of it as someone getting your number on the street. DM sliding is basically next level online dating because DM sliders use non-relationship focused apps to make their moves on people in their messages. Think LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. But instead of finding these people creepy, maybe we should start thinking of it as the way life works now. I mean, a guy asked me out one day on the street and I went on the date because I was flattered by his boldness. Why can’t the same thing apply online? Yes, there’s the catfishing issue that you have to deal with online that you don’t have to deal with in real life, but life is all about taking chances. You never know. The next guy that slides through might be your forever person.

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