Shopper In Tears After Finding Candy With ‘X-Rated’ Detail In Packet

A shopper was left in hysterics after discovering that a sweet they bought in a packet contained one rather explicit detail. The Percy Pig candies, which were purchased from a Marks & Spencer shop in the UK, appeared normal at first, but when Reddit poster Thereader123 pulled one out, they were shocked at what they saw.

  1. That was some manufacturing error! The two-toned pink pig candy had gone wrong in this occasion, with one of its light pink ears spreading down its face and creating what clearly looked like the male genitalia. Hilarious! “Must’ve picked up the x-rated Percy Pigs!” OP captioned the photo.
  2. Everyone thought this was hilarious. It wasn’t long before the photo began racking up likes and comments, with many people chiming in with some pretty amazing puns. “They’ve made a right pig’s ear of that,” one person wrote. Another added: “Ready for a porkin’!”
  3. One person advised OP to try and get more free Percy Pigs. While there was nothing about the mishap in design that makes the sweets inedible, one commenter mentioned that alerting M&S to the problem might get them some more free candy. “Send it back. My mate had a mutant PP that looked like 3 had been melted together. They send him a giant package with 3 bags back,” they advised. Good idea!
  4. This is the kind of content we need right now. Yes, this is silly and stupid and kinda perverted, but it’s also hilarious. Given the state of the world, we could all use a bit more laughter in our lives, I’d say!


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