Signs Of Relationship Compatibility: Are You Meant To Be Together?

You’ve been swept off your feet and now you’re head over heels for your partner. But one thing tugs at your happiness, making you question if it’s truly meant to be. What are the signs of true relationship compatibility and how can you be sure if you have it? Read on to find out more so you know where you stand. 

  1. You have similar interests and values. Compatibility is best established with common interests. Shared interests, tastes, even experiences are key to a long-lasting partnership. It helps build a strong foundation as well, shaping your bond into one that’s hard to break away from. It’ll also serve well when it comes to making those all-important life decisions. 
  2. Conversation is easy. No one likes awkward silence. What’s even worse is when you force yourself to talk about things just to fill the dead air. However, when you talk with your partner, it feels effortless. You both have a lot in common so it seems like you’ll never run out of things to say. You also don’t have to spend time on uninteresting topics. 
  3. You don’t question your partner’s love. You feel safe and secure in their presence, and even so when they’re away. It never crosses your mind if they feel differently, you always know where you two stand. Even if you’re an overthinker, you never question their love. No strain of doubt ever plagues your mind. And they don’t give you a reason to second guess yourself either. 
  4. You enjoy each other’s company. This goes beyond just tolerating. Long-term relationships take effort on both sides; not every day will be a romantic-filled one. So when reality comes crashing down, the mundane moments are just as important as the exciting ones. Making appointments, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping (or whatever your chores are) are all things you enjoy doing together. You don’t need the comfort of friends or other couples to have a good time with your partner. 
  5. You approach conflict in a healthy way. Going at each other’s throats every time an argument breaks out won’t keep the bond strong. In fact, over time, it’ll wear away at it. But strong compatibility means ways of handling conflict in a healthy, helpful way. You listen to your partner and vice versa. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether or not the other thinks it’s right. You’re able to resolve differences without many tears shed or bad words thrown around. 
  6. You maintain your individuality. Sometimes it’s easy to lose your identity in a relationship. Or to have that relationship become your identity (been there, done that). You and your partner have a good understanding you’re both individuals. There are no expectations for either one of you to change. You’re allowed to grow and expand as you see fit. You’re not worried about leaving your partner behind as you’ll know they’ll always be by your side when you enter new chapters of your life. 
  7. You have a connection as friends. There’s a reason best friends make good couples. You’ve gotten to know one another for who they are, without any walls up. You see the good, the bad, and the ugly. While this sounds daunting, it doesn’t affect you. In fact, you see their faults and quirks as a good thing. It makes you admire them even more. They give off good vibes and that’s something you want to be a part of every day. 
  8. You enjoy spending time apart. You’d think if you have the most awesome relationship ever, you’d never want to spend time away from one another. On the contrary, compatibility is telling when you’re together and apart. Long-term relationships rely on both. At the end of the day, you can come together after your time away and share exciting stories. 
  9. You celebrate each other’s milestones. Jealousy and bitterness have no place in a strong partnership. Any time you or your partner comes home with good news, you can’t help but celebrate! Every accomplishment feels momentous. Reacting positively to your partner’s triumphs benefits you both and the relationship as a whole. 
  10. You and your partner feel secure. Doubtful questions, insecurity, and rejection don’t cross your mind. You know how your partner feels and most importantly, you know how you feel. You don’t feel the need to go through their phone, social media, or emails. Or ask them where they’ve been and who they’ve been with. Everything just feels right to the point questions like that don’t cross your mind. 
  11. You help each other with responsibilities. Let’s face it, life gets messy sometimes. Chores need to be done, bills need to be paid, and plans need to be made. Whenever life feels heavy, you and your partner get through it together. You both help each other out not because you should, but because you want to. Mutual effort ensures a strengthened bond meant to last forever. 
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