13 Signs You’re Not In Love Even Though You Think You Are

You think you love your partner. After all, they’re everything you’ve ever wanted and more and you get along so well. However, if these 13 things ring true for you, your feelings might not be quite what you think they are. Recognizing the signs that you’re not really in love as soon as possible is the best way to stop leading your partner on and get the relationship you really want and deserve.

You’re indifferent to their drama.

Earlier in your relationship, when your partner had drama or was going through a tough time, you were invested in their emotions and issues. Now, you hardly bat an eyelid. You’ve become quite indifferent to what’s going on in their life and that’s not a good thing.

You zone out.

It’s normal to zone out once in a while in your relationship, especially when you’re dealing with something of your own. However, if you always find your mind going blank when your partner speaks, maybe your partner bores the crap out of you.

You don’t see a future.

Maybe you do love them but you can’t seem to picture a future with them even though you say you do. Yikes. The two are supposed to go hand in hand!

You’re happiest on your own.

When you’re not with your partner, you feel so much happier and light, even free. Sound familiar? Then maybe you don’t really love or want to be with them.

You go awol for a few days at a time.

If someone you were dating did this to you, chances are your BFF would tell you to forget about them because they clearly don’t have feelings for you. You don’t need to be around your S.O. 24/7, but being cool with going long periods without seeing them is a bit of a problem.

You don’t share.

It’s not enough just to listen to what your partner wants and needs. What about you? Interestingly, if you can’t seem to open up to your partner about your life, then you’re withdrawing and shutting them out.

You don’t make them a priority.

Do you always push your partner lower down on your list because you’re too busy with other things? This sends the message that they’re not that important. Maybe they’re not, otherwise, you would be giving them more time and attention.

You want to take your time.

You want to see where things go? Seriously? It’s been months of dating. If you still don’t know what you want from the relationship, then that could be a sign that you’re not actually keen on having something long-lasting and committed with your partner.

You don’t want them to meet your folks.

Even though there might be other reasons for this, such as that you fear your crazy family will ruin things, after some time you will naturally want your loved ones to meet the great guy or woman you’re dating. If you never reach that point, you have to ask yourself what’s really holding you back.

You walk out on fights.

It could be that you have some uncool fighting habits, or you just don’t want to fix any issues that crop up in your relationship. You’re not making an effort anymore to keep things going.

You fantasize about cheating.

Fantasies are no big deal… unless you’re entertaining them as a way to get used to the idea you want to make a reality. For example, you might fantasize about having sex with Ryan Gosling. That’s not problematic in itself, but what if you’re always fantasizing about having sex with your hot co-worker to the point where you wonder if that would be such a bad thing? Eek, see how different the two types of fantasizing are?

You feel unsettled around them.

You should feel comfortable and happy when you’re with your partner. If you’re riddled with anxiety or you just feel like you can’t relax, that’s a bad sign. When combined with other points in this article, it could be a sign that something’s wrong and maybe there’s just no love.

You’re changing them.

You might tell your partner that they need to do certain things in order to be a good partner to you, but do you meet them halfway? Do you tell them how to dress, behave, or treat you? You’re trying to control them and that’s not fair on them. It’s certainly not a sign of love, so ask yourself why you’re with this person if they fall short of your requirements? The truth is, you’re just screwing yourself over by staying with them. You deserve better.

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