Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas ‘Headed For Divorce’ After 3 Years Of Marriage

If there’s one couple we all expected to be together basically forever, it’s Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. They seemed to be doing everything right, starting with keeping the details of their relationship mostly private. However, according to TMZ, the pair seem to be headed for divorce, with Joe Jonas already hiring a lawyer to handle his split from Sophie Turner after four years of marriage.

  1. It all started because of rings. Or, rather, lack thereof. Joe was captured walking around New York a couple of weeks ago without his wedding ring, which rang the alarm bells for many people. However, he posted a photo with his fellow Jonas brothers for Labor Day in which he very much IS wearing his ring, so make of that what you will…
  2. Ring or not, TMZ says it’s over. Its “sources” claim that Joe Jonas and his team reached out tow two different divorce lawyers in Los Angeles and that he’s ready to file official documents to end his marriage to Sophie Turner.
  3. The couple has been having “serious problems” for six months. Part of the issue seems to be the fact that Joe has reportedly been looking after their kids “pretty much all the time” on his own even though the Jonas Brothers are on tour. No word on what Sophie is apparently doing while he has the kids full-time.
  4. To be fair, they still look pretty happy in public. As recently as two weeks ago, Sophie posted a pic on Instagram of them together in New York, and they looked very happy.
  5. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner first got together in 2016. They got engaged a year later, married in 2019, and have had two kids in the years since. Their second child was only born last year, so things seem to have taken a downturn very recently.
  6. TMZ isn’t usually wrong on stuff like this. As awful and intrusive as they are, they’re usually right. And if they are, that means Sophie and Joe are heading for a split — so much for their remake of “The Princess Bride.”
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