Stinging Comebacks For People Who Are Always Bragging About Their Wealth

Stinging Comebacks For People Who Are Always Bragging About Their Wealth

We all know that one person who can’t have a conversation without bringing up their fancy car or designer shoes. While it can be amusing at first, the constant bragging gets old fast. Here’s how to shut them down with a little finesse.

1. “You must pay a fortune in taxes.”

This one subtly reminds them that all that wealth comes with a hefty price tag, Investopedia reveals. It might take them down a notch, or at least change the conversation to something less annoying. Plus, they won’t be able to brag about how much they save on taxes – that’s probably a sore subject anyway.

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2. “It’s great that you can afford nice things. Not everyone is so lucky.”

A little dose of reality can go a long way. This points out their privilege without being confrontational, hopefully making them think twice before their next brag session. Maybe they’ll even realize how insensitive bragging about wealth can be when others are struggling.

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3. “I bet it takes a lot of work to keep up with all of that.”

Focus on the effort they put into their material possessions instead of the possessions themselves. This reminds them that wealth doesn’t come for free and can be a source of stress. They might start thinking twice before bragging about their fifth house when you mention all the upkeep it needs.

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4. “That’s probably the least interesting thing about your life.”

Oof, this one’s a direct hit. Use with caution, only for those truly obnoxious braggarts who deserve a good verbal slap. But hey, sometimes honesty is the best response, even if it stings a little.

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5. “I admire people who are rich in character more than rich in possessions.”

This is a not-so-subtle way to say their priorities are questionable. Hopefully, it’ll prompt some introspection on what truly matters in life. Who knows, maybe they’ll even start volunteering or donating to causes instead of buying another sports car.

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6. “I’m so happy for you! What made you want to tell me this?”

This forces them to confront the real reason behind their bragging. Sometimes simply pointing out their behavior is enough to make them feel awkward and reconsider. It puts the ball in their court, and they’ll likely flounder to come up with a reason that isn’t totally self-serving.

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7. “My time is actually pretty valuable, can we change the subject?”

You’re not obligated to listen to them brag. Politely but directly shut down the conversation and move on to something more interesting. This lets them know you value your time more than their endless boasting.

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8. “That’s nice. Tell me something interesting about yourself.”

Challenge them to talk about something other than their material possessions. This might reveal there’s a more interesting person beneath the flashy surface. Or, it might expose how one-dimensional they truly are.

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9. “Do you think money makes you a better person than the rest of us?”

Hit them with a hard-hitting question — their answer will be very revealing. If they’re oblivious to how they sound, this might be the wake-up call they need. They might backpedal furiously or double down on their snobbery. Either way, you’ll get some insight into their character.

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10. “Can you recommend a good accountant? I’m saving up, too.”

man and woman looking at each other with skepticism

Sure, this is a bit sarcastic, but it keeps things light. Maybe they’ll get the hint that you’re not genuinely impressed with their wealth display. If they’re a decent person, they might even offer some actual financial advice.

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11. “Thanks, I don’t really need a reminder of how broke I am.”

two men walking with strollers

Sometimes self-deprecating humor is the way to go. It acknowledges their brag without making them feel like they’ve actually won anything. Bonus points if you can deliver this with a deadpan expression, leaving them unsure if you’re joking or serious.

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12. “Oh, cool. Anyway, about that thing I was telling you…”

Ignore the brag completely and change the topic. This is best when done with a totally straight face, making it clear you couldn’t care less about their designer watch. Don’t let them derail your conversation with their material obsessions.

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13. “I prefer buying experiences to buying things. What’s the coolest trip you’ve ever taken?”

Shift the focus to something more interesting (and less materialistic). Maybe they’ll have an awesome travel story to share instead of bragging about their stuff. If not, let them stew when they have nothing interesting to say.

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14. “That must be nice.”

friends having a conversation

This short, neutral response lets them know you’ve heard them, but you’re totally unimpressed. Then change the subject, leaving no room for them to elaborate. Don’t give them the satisfaction of a big reaction.

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15. Simply smile and nod.

young man and woman chatting on park bench

Per the University of Texas, up to 90% of communication is nonverbal, and that’s a powerful thing. Let them talk while you maintain an amused expression and give minimal acknowledgment. They might get the hint that you’re bored or silently judging them.

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16. “You do know money can’t buy happiness, right?”

male and female friend walking down the street

A cliche for a reason, but sometimes a little reminder of what matters is needed. Hopefully, it’ll at least make them think twice before bragging again. Even if it doesn’t totally change their behavior, it might plant a small seed of self-awareness.

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17. “I’m interested in other things in life besides money. Like this [current topic of interest].”

Politely let them know that their wealth-focused worldview is very narrow. Maybe offer a bit of your own passion as an alternative. Who knows, a conversation about your hobbies might be more stimulating to them than bragging about their latest purchase.

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18. “Is there anything else you want to brag about today? Let’s get it all out at once.”

Happy group of young friends from generation Z meet up and having fun together in city downtown.

Call out the bragging in a cheeky way. Sometimes acknowledging the absurdity of it all is enough to make them stop, at least for now. It shows you’re not fooled by their posturing, and they might feel embarrassed enough to change their tune.

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