I Stopped Wearing Makeup And I’ve Never Felt Prettier

I love expressing myself in every way, and that includes my makeup. I’ve always looked at my face as a canvas to paint my thoughts, moods, and feelings on, but recently I decided to go bare-faced to see what it’d be like. It turned out to be the best decision ever.

  1. As a woman, it still feels like a powerful statement to make. So, I got pretty ticked off when someone close to me once told me I looked pretty… but only with makeup on. Honestly, instead of making me want to coat on more mascara and lipstick more, that moment made me do the exact opposite. Now I go natural almost all the time, especially around those that would prefer me to not do so.  It’s a statement I like to make to those around me: I tell me I’m pretty, not you.
  2. It really helps me get out of “party” mode and into “people” mode. For me, wearing less makeup helps me to focus on the right things. It just puts me in a different mindset. I’m less worried about accidentally eating my lipstick off as I chomp down on that large burrito and more focused on the right things like connecting with people on a non-superficial level. That alone makes me feel really beautiful.
  3. Makeup has a lot of negative connotations that I don’t like. Makeup, especially too much of it, can turn the woman wearing it into a stereotype—one that’s usually completely false. It sucks but it exists and I don’t want to tell the world I’m desperate, insecure, or conventional in any way. For me, it’s better to cut it out completely. I know I shouldn’t have to, but it’s a sacrifice that’s worth it to me.
  4. My skin has a fresh glow that I was covering up before. Having adult acne sucks. It makes me feel so self-conscious and I’m seriously tempted to cake my face with concealer all the time.  But less makeup means less irritation, and I’ve noticed my skin is a lot healthier now that I’m going makeup-free. I know I’m doing what’s right for me now. My skin can breathe so much better and I love the healthier look it gives me.
  5. Nothing is sexier than natural. Have you ever met someone that you just wanted to be around? Someone who just seemed effortlessly gorgeous? For me, this usually has little to do with how someone preps and a lot to do with how they carry themselves. Nothing is sexier than a person who can smile and accept herself completely as she is. Now that I’m less focused on external things, my inner beauty can shine and I feel better than I ever have.
  6. I can build my confidence in other ways. I never want to hide behind makeup. I’ve often done this in the past in order to bolster my self-esteem, but now I know that I can boost my confidence in so many other ways.  Looking good is essentially about feeling good. When I go out and try new things, make new friends, or achieve a new goal, then I feel truly beautiful
  7. I’m getting a lot more sleep these days. Now that I don’t wear makeup anymore, I save so much time getting ready—and honestly, 15 minutes of extra sleep can be an absolute godsend some days. I love being able to sleep in a little longer instead of dolling up my face.  Now I don’t have to hide the bags under my eyes because they’re naturally not as prominent.
  8. I attract like-minded people. I notice when I wear certain makeup styles, I attract different types of personalities.  It’s a weird experiment I do sometimes, but I’ve noticed that when I wear less makeup, I also attract people that are less focused on looks. I know I’m surrounded by people who like me for me and nothing else.
  9. I save a decent amount of money too. Makeup doesn’t come cheap, especially the kinds I was using before. I always figured if you’re going to put something on your face, it might as well be the good stuff. But now the “good stuff” for me is having more money in my bank account at the end of every month. We’re seriously talking hundreds of dollars!
  10. Being beautiful on the inside is what really counts. I know it’s cliché, but that’s because clichés are usually based on some form of truth. At the end of the day, we’re all going to grow old and get saggy and wrinkly anyway, so we might as well focus now on developing new skills, doing cool things, and just worrying less about physical appearance. It’s going to save us a lot of hassle and stress in the long run.
I am a woman on a mission to seize life by the toes and always find the joy and meaning in every experience.