Taco Bell Has A New Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze With A Piña Colada Twist

Taco Bell Has A New Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze With A Piña Colada Twist Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Mountain Dew Baha Blast has been a fan favorite since it was added to the menu all the way back in 2004, and the frozen version, which came out a while later, has been just as popular. While the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” certainly applies here, it only makes sense that the fast-food giant would want to rejig things every now and then, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. The Mountain Dew Baja Blast Colada Freeze is here to combine the Baha Blast you already know and love with the flavors of piña coladas and it’s perfect for summer.

  1. Taco Bell is calling 2021 the Summer of Baja. To be honest, this is my kind of summer! They’ll be offering both the classic Mountain Dew Baha Blast Freeze as well as the Mountain Dew Baja Blast Colada Freeze during the warmer months, with the latter bringing that sweet pineapple cream flavor to the tasty sweetness of the original. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which to order.
  2. You may not be able to go on vacay, but you can have a Baha Blast Colada Freeze. As Taco Bell themselves tease: “Baja Blast featuring colada just might be the collab of summer. It’s nothing short of a collision of two tropical titans that’ll leave your tastebuds on vacation. In fact, they work perfectly together. The Mountain Dew® Baja Blast Freeze brings that iconic tempest of tropical lime flavors that can’t be compared. Pair that with the smooth, laid-back nature of creamy colada (think laying out on a picturesque beach without a worry in the world) and you’ve got something truly special. If carefree were a Freeze? The Baja Blast Colada Freeze would be it. Tropical getaways in a cup don’t get much better if you ask us.” In other words, while the pandemic might mean that you can’t board a plane at the moment, you can travel in spirit with one of these!
  3. The new drink is available on menus nationwide. A regular size will cost you $2.39 and a large is $2.59. The Colada version will only be available for a limited time and at participating locations, so be quick!
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