The Upsides Of Having A Hangover (Yes, There Are A Few)

Just because you’re dehydrated, puking, regretting last night’s decisions, and stressing over how to pay the bills now that you remember you bought everyone in the bar shots of fireball last night doesn’t mean you can’t have fun during your hangover. So peel what’s left of last night’s eyelashes off your face, locate your phone, ID, and keys, grab coconut water, and enjoy these 9 awesome hangover activities:

  1. Binge Eating. Food is the go-to fix for a rough hangover. While people swear by one specific cure or another, most agree on two characteristics: disgustingly unhealthy and in obscenely large quantities. One large pizza with bacon cheeseburger sliders and western omelets as toppings over here, please.
  2. Netflix marathons. That one episode of Parks & Rec you put on to watch just while you drink your coffee can easily turn into an entire season when you’re hungover. Who doesn’t love that “just one more episode” statement followed by singing the entire intro song in your head because you know it by heart?
  3. Day after parties. Anyone who partakes in a little hair of the dog knows it can accidentally turn into an entire second day of drinking, sometimes even more fun than the night before. Combine it with a sporting activity or a day at the beach to make another round of binge drinking more socially acceptable.
  4. Brunch. Brunch is awesome, but no one who hasn’t recently damaged a large percentage of their brain cells would get dressed up again to wait forever for overpriced eggs and 99% orange juice mimosas. Drag yourself there, take pics, and trick your friends on social media into thinking you have your act together because you left your house before noon.
  5. Hungover sex. Hungover sex can be a special bonding activity for couples because, let’s face it, you’re both ugly and gross right now. Not much is more intimate than participating in the lazy dog position while you still have tequila breath. An orgasm may help relieve some painful hangover symptoms, so have a special relationship moment and get through this rough morning together.
  6. Giggling about last night. Going over last night with your girlfriends can be the best hangover activity. It’s like reliving the fun again, but for free this time. Plus you may laugh even harder this time, since you are delirious with dehydration and sleep deprivation. Try to combine this one with water or Gatorade.
  7. Filling in your brown out. The black outs less intense little sister, the brown out, is when you will only retrieve certain memories when someone reminds you of what happened. Have fun remembering that, OMG, you did do karaoke last night, or eat two entire subs from that food truck that magically appeared when you were hungry. Alternatively, enjoy the horror on your friend’s face when you remind her that she made out with that rando DJ or called her ex 1,000 times.
  8. Cancelling Plans. Remember that thing you said you’d go to and then immediately regretting committing to? Use your hangover as your get-out-of-plans free card. Bailing on your little cousin’s play or lunch with that coworker you’re really only work friends with is a guilt free move if you’re literally too close to death to make it there.
  9. Recovery activities. Being too incapacitated to do anything productive can leave you with a rare opportunity to actually relax. So call out of work and take that hangover to the beach, spa, or mall and enjoy a stress free day. Just don’t check in if you’re friends with your boss on Facebook.
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.