This Peeps Pancake Set Comes With Its Own Bunny-Shaped Skillet

With Easter (and spring!) just around the corner, I’m starting to feel particularly festive. That means I’m all about the pastel colors, sugary sweets, and yes, all things bunny. To help celebrate this year, I’ve totally bought in on the Peeps pancake set* that comes with its own bunny-shaped skillet and frankly, I’ve never felt more seasonal!

  1. Pancakes are delicious. Bunny-shaped pancakes are even better. This isn’t up for discussion. I have literally never met anyone who didn’t think bunnies are adorable, so translating them into food form – not to mention one of the best breakfast foods ever – is a no-brainer in my books. Peeps is really onto something here!
  2. The kit comes with everything you need to get started. You get enough buttermilk pancake mix to make six bunny-shaped pancakes as well as the skillet itself. All you’ll need to add is your wet ingredients and whatever toppings you’d like once they’re cooked and voila, you’re off!
  3. There’s not much to do with Peeps in here, which could be good or bad. If you’re not a fan of those marshmallowy shapes of heaven known as Peeps during this time of year, you’ll still love the Peeps pancake set because there are no actual Peeps involved. If you love the candy, however, you might feel a little disappointed. I suppose the one callback to actual Peeps is the skillet shape, so that’s something!
  4. If you want one of your own, you can grab one on Amazon. It’s unclear whether or not the Peeps pancake set is an online exclusive or if it’s available in stores, but we do know it’s available on Amazon for around $15, so if you want one, that’s probably your best chance of getting a hold of one right now. You have enough time to get yours before Easter, so get your order in ASAP!

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