Thoughts You Have Before Sleeping With the Guy You’re Dating For The First Timed

Thoughts You Have Before Sleeping With the Guy You’re Dating For The First Timed ©iStock/ondine32
  1. “Is this going to change things?” It’s happened before. You’re hitting it off with a great guy, and then once you have sex, he doesn’t seem so great any more. Whether you hear from him less, he starts treating you differently, or you just didn’t have any chemistry in the sack, there’s always a chance that sex could change things for the worst.
  2. “How big is his penis?” Please, please, please, not the pencil penis. Give me some girth.
  3. “Does he have an STD?”This always crosses your mind before sleeping with a new partner. You always wonder when it’s the right time to ask him when he last got tested. You wanted to ask him in advance, but of course, the question slips out right before he puts it in. Awkward.
  4. “He better get me off.” You’re all about equality in the bedroom. If he’s one of those guys who gets off and considers his job done, you’re out, and you won’t be coming back for seconds. You want a guy who respects your needs, too. It’s only fair, right?
  5. “How many other girls is he sleeping with?”Chances are, you’re not the only one he’s sleeping with. After all, you might be sleeping with other guys, too. You wonder how many girls are in the running right now, how serious he is about them, and where you rank among them.
  6. “Is this all he wants?” Not everyone is open about what their intentions are. If you haven’t had that talk, you’re going to wonder what he’s looking for. Just because he’s wining and dining you doesn’t necessarily mean he’s looking for something serious. In fact, you’ve been with many guys who wine and dine you just to get you in bed. And once they do, it’s possible that your relationship is going to becoming increasingly casual. And increasingly sexual.
  7. “Why did I cancel my waxing appointment?” It’s winter and once again, laziness got the best of you. And once again, you’re paying for it. Hopefully he doesn’t mind
  8. “What’s his number?” Of course you’d never ask because you’re logical and you know you probably won’t like the answer. But still, you’re curious, and you think about it before you become another notch in his belt.
  9. “Did I unplug my hair straightener?”Because let’s be real, this thought always goes through your head.
  10. “Hell. Why did I wear these panties?”You hate these panties, and they’re ripped on the side. You knew you should have thrown these out last week. Good thing you wore your favorite bra.
  11. “This is going to be awesome.” Hell, it’s been a while, and he’s been teasing you for weeks. You’ve felt his bulge against your body on more than one occasion, and this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

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