Two Couples Divorce After Years Of Marriage To Become Polyamorous Foursome

Two couples that were married for years decided to get a divorce so they could all get together and form a foresome. Polyamory and ethical non-monogamy have become more and more popular in recent years, and the partnership between Rachel Wright, Kyle Wright, Yair Lenchner, and Ashley Giddens is a perfect example of this connection.

It was back in 2019 when the Wrights, who were previously monogamous, decided to give polyamory a go. Rachel, 34 and a marriage therapist in New York, told Insider that she and Kyle wanted to try it out since they got together but didn’t have the courage to try right away.

Eventually, they did decided to download Feeld, a dating app, so they could start to meet new people. Rachel was already out as bisexual, but as they began to expand their dating pool, Kyle came out as bisexual too.

“I found so much joy in watching Kyle blossom, and was feeling more and more like myself. It was just so fun,” she recalled.

During the pandemic, they continued to meet new people online, which is how they became acquainted with Ashley and Yair. They eventually went on socially distanced dates together and eventually began living together in a single pod.

It’s not every day couples divorce and become a foursome

Kyle and Yair were only friends at first, but as they all hung out more, they realized how well they worked as a foursome. About 18 months later, they had made a household chore schedule, adopted a puppy, and began living as a singular family.

Despite this arrangement working just fine, staying in their individual marriages wasn’t helping. Rachel and Kyle were helping with Yair and Ashley’s mortgage but not building any equity since they weren’t considered to be in a relationship. So, they decided to go the legal route.

They reached out to Chosen Family Law Center director Diana Adams for help. By divorcing from their individual spouses, they could all join a cohabitation agreement. They hope to one day be recognized as an official polycule as is possible in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, Kyle has since decided to leave the foursome. Rachel Wright said on Instagram that he “wants to do some work on himself and figure out who he is.” The door is always open for a possible return. In the meantime, Yair, Ash, and Rachel are a happy trio.

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