These 10 Types Of People Are The Most Difficult To Have A Relationship With

While every relationship has its difficulties and none are perfect, dating certain types of people pretty much guarantees that you’ll be miserable 24/7. If you prefer happy, healthy relationships, you should probably steer clear of these 10 types of people.

People who have a negative outlook on everything

No one is happy 24/7, but it’s extremely difficult to date someone whose glass is always half empty. It’s draining and exhausting to be with someone who’s always expecting and pointing out the worst in every situation. In fact, it’ll make it incredibly difficult for you to maintain a positive attitude yourself.

People who live for drama and gossip

Everyone gossips from time to time, but dating someone who lives for drama will likely mean your entire relationship will be full of over-the-top histrionics. These types of people get bored in healthy, secure relationships, which basically means that being with them will also mean being in a chaotic, up and down relationship that will never be healthy.

People with an extremely narrow world view who refuse to even listen to beliefs that differ from theirs

It’s fine to have your own personal beliefs, morals, and ideals, but it’s another thing completely if you refuse to even hear other people out on theirs. These types of people are usually very stubborn, arrogant, and impossible to compromise with, and those are not traits you want in a partner.

People who love playing the victim

They refuse to take accountability for anything, and any problem that arises or setback in their life that occurs is always because of something or someone else. They love to play the “poor me” card and are always looking for sympathy. In their minds, the whole world is against them and there’s nothing they can do to change that. This kind of person is full of excuses, and because they refuse to take responsibility for their own lives, they never progress forward.

People who constantly complain 

It’s frustrating and downright annoying to be around someone who’s always complaining, let alone be in a relationship with them. They whine and moan about everything yet never seem to actually do anything to fix their problems. Of course, venting about a bad day or a difficult situation to someone you trust is normal, but complaining about every little thing all of the time is just looking for attention and avoiding actually dealing with the issue.

People whose personalities flip out of nowhere

These kinds of people can actually be scary because you never know how they’re going to react or what side of their personality will be present. They aren’t consistent in any sense of the word, and you can’t rely on them because you never to know what to expect. Being with someone like this will leave you confused and always wondering whether they’ll laugh off a situation or blow up over it, which makes a relationship with them stressful.

People who are control freaks

Relationships are all about compromise, so being with someone who’s a total control freak will make for a difficult relationship. It’s not a bad thing for your partner to make plans or decisions some of the time, but it should be an equal tradeoff. Also, if someone is super controlling about everything, it’s only a matter of time until they start acting controlling towards you.

People who only do the right thing when they know people are watching

 They’re all about giving money to a homeless person or volunteering… and then immediately posting about it on Facebook. Are they actually doing it because they care, or are they just doing it for the recognition (and the likes)? Probably the latter. It can be hard to identify this type of person, but there are some signs you may be able to pick up on. For example, they’re the type to not say anything when they notice their waitress forgets to put something on their check, or they’ll “forget” to pay for something at a store that has self-checkout. People that are like this care more about looking like a good person than actually being like one, and that’s bad news.

People who are extremely insecure

They’ll always be paranoid that you’re lying to them or cheating on them, and before you know it, they’ll accuse you of checking out the waiter at a restaurant when you were simply looking for the restroom. Being in a relationship with someone who’s insecure will strain you because no matter how much reassurance and security you give them, they’ll always be ridiculously jealous and criticize you, even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

People who are self-absorbed

There’s a difference between being confident and being obsessed with yourself, and it’s a big one. Confidence is healthy and attractive while being self-absorbed is absolutely not. These types of people care about themselves and themselves only. They want to be in a relationship with you because they think it’ll make them look better or it will benefit them in some way, not because they actually care.

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