Waffle House Worker Says Company Blacklisted Her For Deflecting Chair In Viral Fight Video

A Waffle House employee claims she was blacklisted by the company after she unwittingly became the star of a viral video featuring a fight at the restaurant. In the clip, the employee, dubbed Waffle House Wendy, deflected a chair that was thrown in her direction after the altercation that broke out in September 2021.

The fight started because a group of customers was told they couldn’t sit in a certain place and that there would be a wait for their food. Soon, the group got violent and began storming the counter, with one person even throwing a chair at the worker’s head. Thankfully, she was ready and managed to block it from hitting her.

The chair thrower then picked up another one to toss, leading the worker to make a motion with her hands basically telling the customer to bring it on. The whole thing was completely unnecessary and got way out of hand.

The Waffle House fight caused the restaurant to close down for a few hours as police investigated and the place was cleaned. The employee, whose name is Halie, was later talked to by her bosses for throwing sugar at a customer during the fight, but she didn’t get fired.

Halie said she was blacklisted from the company for the fight. Despite not asking for the fight to break out at Waffle House, Halie claims she’s still paying for it now. In a YouTube video, Halie said despite having worked for the company for four years, she was rejected from applying to a different location as she was “blacklisted” and could never work for them again.

She didn’t even realize she’d gone viral. She told Rolling Stone: “I was sitting at home eating popcorn, watching Hulu. My boyfriend called me from work and said I was on the news.”

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