If You Walk Away, I Won’t Beg You To Stay

If You Walk Away, I Won’t Beg You To Stay ©iStock/BraunS

I didn’t want things to be over, but you’ve made it clear that’s where you stand. No matter how great things might have been between us and how many great memories we’ve shared, I won’t plead with you to stay in my life. If you think things aren’t working or that something better is out there for you, I’ll wish you well on your way. This might be shocking to you, but if you walk away from a relationship with me, there’s no way you’ll ever catch me begging for you to stay.

  1. You’re merely a stop on my journey. If you’re not the one for me, I won’t fight you on it, because the right one wouldn’t be walking away. You’ve played the part that you needed to in my life and that chapter has come to a close. No matter if our ending is bitter or bittersweet — it’s clearly not the final destination that’s meant for me.
  2. I have more dignity than to beg. I have more respect for myself than to blow up your phone begging and pleading for you to come back to me and to work things out. I accept things at face value, especially when it comes to keeping my confidence in check. I know what we had isn’t something you want forever, and even if I had previously pictured an amazing future with you, I’m OK with letting the idea go completely. I won’t be knocking on your door anymore.
  3. I won’t give your ego the satisfaction. Pleading with you is a waste of my energy and I won’t give your ego the pleasure of feeling like you’ve won. If you want out, I’ll hold the door open for you and won’t bat an eye about it as you see your way out. I don’t need anyone in my life who doesn’t want me there.
  4. You can’t lose something you never truly had. If things were really right between us, you wouldn’t feel the need to leave me behind. This thing was never meant to be and it’s clear that you never felt the way you needed to if you were truly my forever. If you were meant to be mine, you would be. It’s as simple as that to me.
  5. I know I’m worth it to someone else. Even if you may not be the one I’m looking for, there’s someone else who will want me exactly as I am. They won’t question the future, because they know we’ll already be on our way to living it together. What’s meant to be will be, and much like our ending is what was meant to happen, so is the happy ending that has yet to begin for me.
  6. Begging robs me of my energy. Why would I waste my energy pleading with someone who doesn’t see how amazing I am? It’s a waste of my time and energy to try and convince you that you’re making a huge mistake. You might come to that conclusion later down the road, but that’s not for me to worry about. It’s your problem, and it will be too late to change your mind.
  7. The loss is yours, not mine. I could spend my time being miserable about your exit, or I can choose to be happy and be excited for the future that’s waiting for me. I know what I’m worth and your decision to drop me like a fly doesn’t leave me feeling like I deserve less than you. I’m a prize and I’m going to continue to shine my winnings until I land on the right match.
  8. You’ve brought me one step closer. My experience with you, while great in the moments, is over, and I won’t drag out an ending that’s inevitable. You’ve made a footprint in my life that’s taken me steps closer to what’s truly meant for me. I can’t be upset that I’m now that much closer to the love that I deserve.
  9. There’s a lesson to be learned. Even if things haven’t worked out between us the way I hoped they would, there’s still a reason you came into my life. Since it’s clear you’re not the final blessing, I’ll focus on the lesson instead. You’re a reminder that I’m still capable, willing and deserving of being cared for and you’re also a reminder of how truly strong I am.
  10. I love myself more. It might hurt to say goodbye, but it’ll hurt more to beg and embarrass myself trying to mend something that’s already been broken. I love myself more than to lower myself to that level of self doubt. Like I said, I know what I have to offer and I know that I’m someone who deserves love, which is exactly why if you decide to leave me, I won’t beg you to stay.