I Want A Guy Who Steps Up To The Plate To Be With Me

I Want A Guy Who Steps Up To The Plate To Be With Me ©iStock/fotostorm

I’ve dealt with a lot of half assed efforts from guys who claimed to be into me but then did very little to keep me. I’m not high maintenance and I’m not asking for a lot; I’m simply looking for a guy who’s into me and makes real effort to show it all the way. Seriously, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  1. I’m done making effort for those who don’t deserve it. I’m sick of sticking my neck out, allowing guys to walk all over me and take advantage of my sweet and genuine kindness. I’m happy to go out of my way to make the right guy for me smile, but so far, that guy hasn’t shown up. I’ve wasted a ton of energy doing crap for the wrong guys, I can only imagine what I’ll do for the right guy who shows me he gives a genuine crap. He’s going to be lucky AF.
  2. I want a guy who makes me feel cared for with actions. I’m done with the all talk guy who paints me a picture perfect future that doesn’t actually exist. From now on, it’s all about showing me he’s worth it with his actions — I’m wise to the BS.
  3. I want to feel a real tug in my heartstrings. I want to wake up every day and feel genuine joy and excitement because I know without a shadow of a doubt that the guy I’m dating cares about me. I want to wake up to “good morning, beautiful” texts — or better yet, I want to wake up to a guy who actually spends the night, wakes up beside me, kisses me on the forehead and gives me my good morning beautiful in person.
  4. I’m wise to players who say just enough to get what they want. I’ve lived and I’ve learned and I know exactly how players run their game — and I’m done with it. If the guy seems too smooth or goes radio silent for days, expecting that I’m going to stick around, he’s completely delusional. I have zero time left in my life to waste on jerks who can’t man up and make a real effort to date me.
  5. I deserve the guy who will show the same affection and effort that I do. I’m an incredibly sweet and caring girlfriend. When I date a guy, he has my full attention and I’m loyal AF. If he’s not showing me the same respect, loyalty and affection as I do him, I’m heading towards the exit door as fast as I can. I’m over this game.
  6. I want a real kind of love that lasts, nothing less. I’m looking for the kind of guy who wants a real future. None of this “just seeing what’s out there” and “going with the flow” garbage. I’m looking for a guy who’s a grown man and wants love in his life and has a plan for himself and the person he cares about. I’m done with being halfway out the door — I want all the way in or nothing at all.
  7. If it doesn’t feel amazing, it’s not worth my investment. If he doesn’t make me feel head over heels, off my rocker, butterflies in my stomach, can’t wait to see him next, crazy and intense amazing, why bother? Life is too short wasting my life on mediocre BS. If I’m investing part of myself, my time and my heart, he had better be worth every bit of what I have to offer.
  8. I’m sick of this lazy crap. Making plans every couple weeks or treating me like an insignificant option isn’t going to happen. I’m sick of spelling it out to these guys. Step up to the plate or take a seat back on the bench. Better yet, go back to the locker room, pack your things and leave — you’re no longer an asset to my team if you’re not putting your best foot forward.
  9. I have no issue waiting for the right guy to step up. I’ve come to a point where I’m no longer impatient in this baffling and exhausting search for love — what I want is worth waiting for. In the meantime, I’m going to live my life completely for myself and not allow any lazy guy to take any of my energies. If a guy wants a chance to be with me, he needs to step up to the plate.